Saturday, 11 February 2012

Portrait 42:365

Afraid this is as good as it's going to get today. Dh posed for a couple of shots- but Holly moved and she's blurred. But he then quickly got irritated- because there's an IMPORTANT rugby match on- and can I get out of the way!!!!!!! So here's today's shot. Camera is still playing up- taking blurry shots (more than usual) and delaying the shutter way longer than usual. WIll have to try charging the battery with a different charger. Dh is also sporting his weekend face- no shaving!

The next one is Holly's- 'Do we have to let Dad watch Rugby' face. When she's not happy- her ears go back. She doesn't like 'annoyed' or 'raised' voices- and apparently this English team is the worst he's ever seen in his humble opinion!!!!! He is a closet sports coach- any sport he's an expert on!

I'm not brave enough to go and ask the girls whether I can take a photo- I will get an even worse response from them. So we'll leave today's portrait attempt!

One great piece of news today though- Severn Trent have made a compensation payment. We had decided against making an official written complaint in the end. By the time the drains were finally fixed we'd run out of steam. But the verbal complaints to the higher level management obviously were taken on board. Makes me wonder what we might have got if I had sent the itemised catalogue of contact with what seemed like every member of staff from Severn Trent and Enterprise. It took being escalated to the operations manager to get the problem sorted- but was pleased to get the compensation!!!!!!!!


  1. LOl holly wanted to be the star of the portrait session kim.. as she sat beautifully still for her own portrait!

    great news about the compensation! are you going to spend it on some nice stash to scrap all these photos?

  2. glad you had some good news.Nice photo of Holly

  3. Great news about the compensation and beautiful shot of Holly

  4. Yes, it's good that you have some good news :)

    Love the shots and how brave you were to get them!

  5. Lol, at least England won in the end! Great about the compensation :)

  6. Glad you got some good news at last. I also think you were brave getting a photo when Rugby was on.

  7. Your photos made me laugh so much.
    The 1st one, because from an "outside eye", it looks like your hubby is trying to strangle Holly.
    The 2nd one, because when our dogs want something they can't get, they sulk and they do the same "upset face" as Holly.
    Terrific pictures, Kim.x