Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Learn something new Every day catch up.

Day 3

Today I learnt that we haven't had great success in sponsoring guide dogs. They have to be so well trained and pass so many rigid tests to make the grade. Rudolph originally had to be withdrawn due to poorly hips, Snowy was doing so well - but lacked concentration when she had to be in charge guiding. She wasn't happy to make decisions. So she may go to be a buddy dog or a medical dog or a sniffer dog.

So our latest recruit is Truffle- 6 weeks old in this photo. It would be lovely for Truffle to make the grade!!!!!!

Day 4
Today I learned that kittens are very cute- but it isn't as easy to get them rescued as you might imagine. The RSPCA aren't interested in rescuing them because they aren't in any danger where they are. This is the kitten I'd choose if we were going to keep one! Amy has phoned a few more rescue places. We've bought a big carton of cat pouches- so we're set for a few more days yet!

I also learnt that no matter how short a trip we've planned it takes forever to get everything organised!

Day 5

Today I learned - although I already knew, that I married my best friend. We're celebrating 23 years of marriage and a few days away together is a real treat. We like visiting the same sorts of places, we're both used to doing things on a budget and are happy to accept cheaper options still allow you to have a great time.

Day 6
 There is beauty everywhere- and we can see ideas for our garden every time we visit a property. Unfortunately the area we actually need to concentrate on is tiny and ideas will need to be adapted!!!!!!
 We also saw this perching frog in the gift shop and it made me realise that I want something perching on the end of the decking. We almost bought this frog- but left him for another day!

Our 23rd wedding anniversary was spent in a beautiful spot- Bakewell . It was a lovely sunny day.

Day 7
I learned that our new water colour looks lovely in the dining room. We were looking for something totally different - a black and white print. We walked around a craft fayre in Bakewell and on the second walk round Guy said that he would have bought me one of these pictures if he'd had enough cash on him. Mum and Dad gave us some money for our anniversary and we had planned to get the frog for the garden. We both looked as these pictures and picked the same two out. They were originals - and the artist put the date we bought it on the back and signed it for us. I think he has them priced way too low- but that worked in our favour today!!!! He said he can't sell online- because as soon as he puts them online they sell out!

So the lesson is that if you keep looking for the perfect picture for the perfect spot- you will find something, even if it isn't what you'd imagined would look perfect there!

We now have a lovely picture and also chatted to the artist- so we have the history of all his work- it means more!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Learn something new every day.

Day One

I learnt that it's nice to catch up with old friends. A catch up after several years!

We had a look round the new library and it's fun being a tourist in your home city! We also had a coffee at Starbucks and a lively piece of Shortbread which I managed to throw down the stairs. You can't take me anywhere twice!

Day Two.
Today's prompt suggested thinking about an old teacher and to find something to relate it to today. I learnt that you can get an audio file of a Child's Christmas in Wales.

The teacher EVERYONE remembers from my schooldays was a welshman called Mr Davies. He was the Head of Lower school when we started and knew everyone within days and who you were related to. He commanded respect and when you heard his keys jangling down the corridor anything you may have considered doing was soon hastily stopped. He must have come across lots of angelic students walking peacefully along the corridors. But I think the jangling keys were probably a warning system to allow everyone to behave! He could roar like a lion- but treated you fairly. I remember one day wearing a 'grey' pair of socks rather than regulation white (no idea why - cos I wasn't a rule breaker!) and hearing the keys and quaking. But being a good girl enabled you to get away with misdemeanours! or maybe it didn't cross his mind that I might be breaking school regs!!!!

He used to go on the school Lake District holidays and walk with the stragglers giving energy sweets. There were rumuors that he'd lost his wife and children and made the school his life afterwards.

But the most residing memory I have of him was him reciting a Childs Christmas in Wales EVERY year in the Snowdon assemblies. Having a Welsh accent it really created the perfect scene and it was amusing. It just became part of our Christmas traditions at school and we'd have been disappointed to miss a year.

I now have an audio copy and listening it today really brought vivid memories of a wonderful teacher, What a wonderful legacy to have - that if you check the school pages on facebook that EVERYONE of my age will mention him.

He was a chemistry teacher- but he only ever taught one of our lessons. But it was an amazing lesson- almost made chemisty interesting. He just had enthusiasm for everything and managed to pass it on to everyone around him.

Monday, 11 March 2013

It's Monday- What are you reading?

It's a while since I've added a book post. Back in January Amazon had a Kindle sale and I bought a lot of books- tempted by the 99p price tag! One of them was a trilogy of books by an author called Kerry Wilkinson. I think I added the latest one on a kindle daily deal aswell and it made me think I'd like to read the others- completely forgetting that they were on my kindle already. I started the first one in the series and couldn't put them down. They are set in Manchester and I really love his style. They are not edge of the seat, page turning drama- but really enjoyable. This is the third in the series and I'm already disappointed that I only have one more to read!
Someone has left a severed hand in the centre of Manchester and the only clue Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel has to go on is CCTV footage of a woman in a long black robe placing it carefully on the ground.

With a lengthy missing persons list and frantic families wondering if the body part could belong to their absent loved ones, the detective has plenty to deal with – and that’s before a detached finger arrives for her in the post.

By the time a second hand is found and a local MP’s wife goes missing, Jessica is left struggling to find out who the appendages
belong to, how they are connected and just what the mysterious woman in black has to do with it all

Thursday, 24 January 2013

What makes me Happy!

Holly is definately the 'smile' maker in our family. She makes me smile as soon as I get downstairs every morning.

She recently had a nasty accident in the park and we had to take her to an emergency vets, who consulted a specialist surgeon. It was decided that the best course of action was to let nature heal the injury on it's own rather than operate- as the healing process would be easier for her. We had to hand feed her for nearly a week- syringing water into her mouth every 20 minutes to make sure we were getting enough water down. She wasn't Holly- ears back, eyes dull. I was soooo worried about her. I slept downstairs to make sure she didn't have a problem overnight.

Anyway- on Friday the snow arrived and she asked to go in the garden. She stood there and didn't have the energy to do anything else. But the snow really perked her up. On Sunday she went to the local fields with the girls and Holly was back!!!! She absolutely adores the snow and always has- and the smile hasn't left our faces ever since.

We could still have problems once her antibiotics finish. She was also on human painkillers for a few days to help get on top of the pain (vet prescription!). She has an appointment this Saturday- but they said she only needed to go if we were still worried about her.

I am now back in the land of the nearly normal- so want to try and catch up with the challenges. I did take a photo of the 'view' on the day Holly had her accident and for a while wasn't sure I'd be able to use them. But I will - as she's since been back and was happy to walk there. I've also taken a view from my kitchen window with the snow.

I am also trying to join in with the fms photo a day challenge and trying to do some sort of project life. I haven't had a great start- leaving my camera at my mums over New Year, then the cable for the camera going missing when I got it back, new one ordered , then poor old Holly and photos were the last thing on my mind for a week. But I am going to try and catch up and join in now!