Friday, 24 February 2012

Clouds 55:365

Unfortunately I waited most of the day for the sky to show some of the pretty clouds we had yesterday. But it's been a grey sort of day and took this one this afternoon. This is next doors tree which has some video tape trapped in it's branches that is driving Holly potty. She hears it rustling and catches the fluttering from the corner of her eye- and thinks someone is invading her garden.

We didn't even have dramatic black clouds- just lots of grey and more grey!

I was rather hoping todays theme might be ground level. We went to start off this morning to discover that the car had a COMPLETELY flat tyre. Emma and I had to fly up the hill to make sure that we got there before the bus guide. With my nasty cold that was a struggle- Emma kept telling me to hurry up. I think I might have been lynched if I'd stuck around to take photos of him changing the tyre. Especially as it wasn't coming off without a fight. He was half an hour late for work!! It had a nail in it- and he got it repaired at lunchtime. HE did think we might need to change all four tyres soon- but they didn't suggest it, so think we can wait a little longer on that!

I had an Avon order for the first time in years today. A young girl has just started a round with her dad! I almost took my new eyeshadow clouds- with the alluring name of 'gleams of gold'- my new lipstick is called sparkling nude!!!!!!! Thought my greyish pallor this week needed a little help!


  1. Sometimes nature doesn't help when we need to take photos does it? Really good shot and love the story to go with it.

  2. We had the same clouds all day long here, so had to shoot my photo somewhere else !

  3. your clouds must have moved up our way at some point because right after i took a photo of our fluffy clouds, the same grey appeared here :)

    poor guy having to change a tyre and even poorer you for having to run like that for the bus.. i can just about imagine the cajoling you got of emma..

    the avon order looks like a silver lining to that ummm absent cloud though, ive not seen an avon rep for years and years