Thursday, 9 February 2012

Compact 40:365

This is the 'compact' little guide dog in training that we are sponsoring to celebrate the girls turning 18. This is the third photo we've received and he's definately growing- but he's still a puppy. So he must qualify as a 'compact' little dog!!!!!!

I want the photos to be a record of our year as much as I can- as I'll do a layout every month. So Rudolph is an important part of this year! Rudolph is with his puppy walker Samantha and he goes to the coffee shop and the supermarket twice a week (lucky boy!). He meets the children from school and goes on the bus! He has a best friend Westie at the park.

I am adding another photo that was taken today so that I have taken a photo every day this year! For the last couple of years I've bought a lovely collection of Soap and Glory toiletries the week before Christmas from Boots - as their offer of the week. I love the smell and they make me feel great!!!! Well for Christmas I also received a smaller version- which contained 'compact' handbag versions of the same toiletries. You can't really guage the size from the photo-but they are cute little bottles and tubs!