Thursday, 2 February 2012

Buttons 33:365

I had several thoughts on this theme. My initial one was the huge collection of buttons that make me feel guilty all the time that I am not scrapbooking with them. My new years resolution (starting February!) must be to start using at least one button on layouts! I'll show those later. But as a record of the month- I thought I'd add this one which is another of Emma's presents. (Amy did have presents- but took them straight upstairs and most of hers will be in the form of driving lessons which aren't so easy to photograph before they happen!)

Emma had 2 Boofle teddies which are really cute and contain a button!

Anyway- this was the tiny selection of buttons I was going to use!

When in actual fact the guilty secret is that there are 2 boxes like this!

So expect to see several layouts that are very button heavy appearing on UKS soon!!!!!


  1. I also love buttons and I don't use them much either. I love the doggies !

  2. Lovely photos. My craft room hides a similar teeny tiny collection (a few buttons,khm, khm, a few jars of buttons)

  3. I'm also a button hoarder...I have a box for each colour family!

  4. I have hoarded mine for ages, but at last have realised that if I use them I will have space in my box to buy some more.

  5. Gosh, that is a lot of buttons :) Love Boofle!!