Sunday, 26 February 2012

Light 57:365

We're a couple of recipes behind on our 52 new recipe challenge- so today we chose a 'light' lunch to use the mackerel waiting in the fridge. I'm not a huge fish eater- and tend to stick to the safe white fish that looks like the inside of a fish finger! I'm trying to increase my exposure- so we've had fish pie this week and today Smoked mackerel and potato salad. Part of the reason that I'm reluctant to eat fish is because of the possibility of tiny bones- so unfortunately although dh prepared all of this for me, I won't try it again!!!!! The dog was extremely keen on the left over mackerel- I think fish is her all time favourite treat!

Also- a VERY tenuous link to 'light'- we went to see my niece in a show called Dazzle last night!

She'd love to be on the stage one day and had one of the bigger roles this time round. They are a lovely bunch of youngsters. My cousins three girls all went to SOS- which is how Kimberley got a place. Sophie (the youngest) still goes.

It was a bit like a musical Star Trek. As you went in you were issued with a space pack to help with the launch later in the performance. The actors were all showing people to their seats- in character.

We went with my sister and mum- and my aunt and my cousin and her family were there- so a nice chance to catch up with everyone.

I'm still suffering with a cold- so I'd gone prepared with cough sweets and a bottle of lemonade. Unfortunately on the way there it leaked- and my new handbag was swimming in about an inch of liquid which leaked all over my trousers. I had to empty everything and try to mop it up!


  1. Wow! Your niece's play sounds great! I'm not keen on boney fish either ...

  2. I love both the links to light today and I too am not a keen fish eater, I know what I like type of eater. Well done to your niece

  3. I think you idea of loight is great. I love fish but I hate bones. Have you tried making a pate with the smoked mackerel.

    1. Love the idea of a pate- but Holly polished the mackerel off!

  4. I too was not a great fish lover and hate fresh fish which is 'fishy' IYKWIM LOL!!

    Think both photos are great for LIGHT!

  5. another one who isn't a fishy person thanks to the bones lol.

  6. Great photos :) I love the angle of the first.

  7. Great idea.
    Another one who only eats fish if it is without bones !!!

  8. I seem to be the odd one out! I love fish and I prefer to eat fish with the bones still intact because then I know there won't be any stray onesthat someone else has missed!