Thursday, 16 February 2012

Inside your handbag 47:365

Hands up- today my handbag broke and I bought a new one whilst I was in Birmingham. These items have been pruned from the other assorted leaflets,letters, etc that I have been meaning to sort for a couple of weeks. I have a printable housework rota and this weeks did include to clear out the handbag. So it's now done. My kindle doesn't always live in my handbag- only if I'm travelling by bus, which I was today. Not included and being reported as AWOL is my cinema card. I took the girls to see Journey 2 today- and thought they wanted me to pay for the entire screening. I couldn't believe how much it was. I did used to have a carers ticket for Emma- must look up to see whether you can still get them and also need to get students cards for the girls!

So the edited list!
Brand new hairbrush (also purchased today!).
Autograph New York perfume- think I need to buy the handbag sized version
Handbag mirror
coffee loyalty card from New Street Station (never used it before)
New Purse (also bought today to go inside the brand new handbag!)
Work id badge and keys
Headache tablets
Hobbycraft voucher that I've stored since September
Camera (shhhh- borrowing dd's until she 'needs' it)
Also not included - a pot of 1 pound coins that we took to Wales at the end of January. No wonder my bag broke!


  1. you can still get the carers card ( down load it ), it only lasts 12months now but still worth it. hope you enjoyed the film.

  2. It was great Michelle- even my mum managed to stay awake all the way through!

  3. Printable housework rota? Are you a fan of Fly Lady by any have one hanging on my fridge and I consider it a good week if I get any further than clearing the 'hot spots'.

    1. I have printed off Fly lady in the past and still try to keep on top of the hot spots- which seem to multiply! This one is Motivated mums- but unfortunately it doesn't motivate me enough. I live in hope I'll become a domestic goddess one day.

  4. Looks like the most organised yet! x

  5. Everybody seems to have headache tablets, lol

  6. Printable housework rota? *boggle* I am definitely not googling that lol. I am not great at it though so maybe I should :)

    1. It just gives me the nudge to remember things that get overlooked. I can easily ignore it most days!!!!!

  7. lol im glad im not the only one who has to buy a new purse for the new handbags too :D love the new purse!!!!!!!