Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Accessory 32:365

I must admit to a 'little' bit of present envy last night. My sil bought the girls a lovely watch and I would LOVE one! I was also REALLY envious of the bedroom accessories Emma had. I love bird cages- and these match the curtain poles we have downstairs and in Emma's rooms. They don't have birds on- but do have cream rose finials. My dining room also has the matching fruit dish, recipe book holder etc- so these would really, really look nice downstairs!!!!!

We had a lovely day yesterday- the girls had lots of lovely pressies and flowers. We went for a Chinese with friends and Guy's parents and then more people came back for drinks and cake.

Emma had a bit of a tough afternoon (some of her presents hadn't arrived- and the postman was really getting it in the neck!). We had an adult sized toddler tantrum but she'd calmed down by the time we went out and had a good time.

Just before we left we had to take the 17.57 photo. We take a photo of them at the exact time they were born every birthday and I am so glad that we managed to get the first 18 years. If Amy is headed off to Uni we may not be able to take them together. Amy - according to the hospital- was born at 17.57.5- but the registrar said that was just the hospital showing off and they registered her as 17.58. Twins birth times are recorded on their birth certificates- not sure whether they are otherwise! One day I will get round to scrapping the entire 19 - 17.57 photos (including the closest to their birth photo).


  1. Gorgeous presents. Love them too !

  2. Ooh lovely presents! Times aren't recorded on 'singleton' babies birth certificates - well not on my two anyway! Love that they are on twins'! And what a great record of birthday photos you much have! :D

  3. what lovely presents I'm not surprised you are envious

  4. Love the watch - couldn't be trusted to look after it though! ;-)

  5. What a brilliant idea to snap them at the same time on their birthday :)
    I have serious envy of those watches too. Serious :)