Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Bloom 46:365

I've had a real game trying to get a photo for today. We have no flowers in the house even though 2 weeks ago we had vases and vases of them for the girls birthday.

I decided to stop being lazy and walk up the hill to our local Tescos to treat myself to a few flowers. Anyway- they had one really bedraggled bunch which I wouldn't part with 3 pound to boost Tescos coffers! I wish I'd had my camera with me- because the empty stand itself told a story - that lots of lucky ladies (or maybe judging by the standard of the bunch left- not so lucky) had flowers yesterday. On the way back I went past a car that always catches my eye- a little silver Herbie with a pretty pink hibiscus flower on the side.

I got back and was scolded by dd because my fil and dh had been calling me on my mobile (still on the coffee table) whilst I was out to invite me to lunch at Costco (the social whirl I lead!).

I decided to ask Amy to raid her wardrobe to produce this photo.

I knew these sweatshirts had a flower on the back and would fit the theme. Unfortunately as it's half term and we weren't seeing anyone today- she hadn't straightened her hair and wasn't prepared to actually feature in the photo!!!!!!!

Then I thought I'd take the poinsettia on the kitchen window ledge. I always have a vase of cheap and cheerful flowers on the windowledge. At Christmas my dh's contribution to the decorations is to buy a Poinsettia- which I usually manage to kill by early January. This model is a particularly hardy individual- so I don't have my usual 'pretties' above the sink.

But when I tried to use my camera I discovered a deep scratch on the lens. It hadn't been anywhere in between the two photos. But it has been playing up recently - and I've had a few blurred photos. I can only imagine that something must have become trapped in the mechanism somehow and managed to scratch it when I opened it!

It deserves a spot here because it is busy blooming away despite my less than green fingered approach to plant care.

I've had to borrow Amy's camera- which is exactly the same as mine to take the photos. I looked at the winter hanging baskets outside- but the recent frost has left them looking very sorry for themselves.

I was then too tight to treat myself to a bouquet from Costco- and too scared to take a photo in the shop. I did look at the latest panasonic on display and unfortunately can't justify getting one. So I'm a bit distraught at the moment. I feel lost without my camera especially now we're doing this challenge. I may try to 'borrow' Amy's until she gets fed up! But using hers has made me realise that mine has probably been struggling for over a week- hers is so quick and responsive.

I have managed to get free tickets to take Amy to the Britains Got Talent auditions at the ICC in Birmingham on Friday afternoon- so I'm in the good books at the moment. I also will be going to see Dirty Dancing with my friend- and have decided that I will treat her to a meal before hand for her birthday!

So I'm having to take a few deep breaths to try and cope with the stress of losing my camera. I suppose this means that I will need to start learning how to use my dslr now!!!!!!!


  1. What a day you had Kim! I hope you sort it out with your camera, xx
    Funny to know there is a silly Holly in your house !

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your camera; my little Optio has been making an ominous grinding noise when the lens moves in and out for the last 12 months or so, so I have my fingers crossed. I loved using my SLR, but it was too big and heavy to push in a pocket, and of course everything is now digital. Maybe this is the push you need to get to grips with your DSLR, and carrying it around will keep your muscles toned!

  3. oh No sorry to hear about your camera ,as you said it might get you going with your dslr. your poinsettia is doing really well .

  4. The poinsettia is really special - mine usually die when I bring them from the shop, on the same day. What a day you had! Hope you get to fix the camera really soon.

  5. So sorry to read about your camera. I can never keep my poinsettia warm enough or out of draughts to keep it alive for long and yours looks in great condition

  6. Yay to BGT Tickets!! :D Love your ideas for today's theme :D