Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Damaged 38:365

I couldn't believe today's prompt when I got up. We've had quite a morning already. We heard a tremendous and ominous crash from Emma's room this morning at 6am. Her Freddo jar (where she keeps her xmas sweets- already eaten!) had fallen from the shelf on her computer desk. I think she was probably shoving a dish onto the top shelf and made it fall- but she's not admitting that. She's not supposed to eat upstairs- but that is largely ignored!!!!!! Anyway- she had scratched her thumb and thought we needed to call an ambulance.

Holly had been woken up so she then wanted to go out.

Just got back into bed (or so it felt) when the doorbell rang. I made Guy get out of bed to run down incase it was the postman. It was- but he was after next door!!!!!!! So it wasn't Emma's parcel.

I'd bought a spare ice scraper to help Guy scrape the car in the morning- because he now leaves a little earlier to drop us at the top of the hill for Emma's bus guide. Couldn't find the extra one this morning!

On the way home I did my audition for Dancing on Ice with a rather fetching Bambi routine down the hill! One lady insists on clearing her car with boiling water and it produces streams of sheet ice down the hill. Normally you can just about avoid them- but the whole pavement was slippy so me not being the most graceful person, careered down the hill- luckily just about staying upright!

Anyway- the damage to Emma's lovely Freddo jar- and ANOTHER one of my new plates. We've only had them about a month and this is the 6th or 7th piece to get smashed! I will be needing to buy another set at this rate!


  1. What a morning Kim! You need to sit down with a nice cup of tea !!

  2. oh im trying not to laugh at the bambi impressions kim... i bet you looked adorable!!!

    that jar could be something out of the boys bedroom.. the times i find broken plates under the bed, mugs with handles snapped off.. but it was never THEM.. oh no, we have a giant knicker wearing, swearing, tie robbing, biscuit stealing, under the cupboard ghost apparently who gets up to all sorts of mischief.
    shame about the jar though, doesnt even look like youll be able to glue the pieces together :(

  3. Great story telling. Shame about Freddo, he looks rather gorgeous.

  4. What a shame Freddo loks like he was so lovable