Monday, 30 April 2012

Dessert 121:365

Sunday is 'pudding' day in our house and woe betide us if we've forgotten. Emma's autism makes certain traditions and obsessions 'essential'. I think the pudding one is just because she likes pudding, mind you!!!!! We visited Morrisons for the first time- and bought lots of different things for the first time, including a meal deal with a Tiramisu dessert. Emma didn't like it- so we won't be buying that one again- even if everyone else quite enjoyed it. I didn't take a photo- so I decided to search out a recipe in one of our many recipe books. The iced doughnut is also in shot- waiting for Emma to get home from school. It's been put on the plate for the photo- it's in a box until then!

I have been trying to cook a new recipe every week- but have fallen behind. We tend to eat a lot of the same things week in, week out. Before we went shopping I made a list of ingredients for several new recipes- so hopefully this week we'll start to catch up a bit. I also lost the notebook I was collecting all the new recipes we've tried. So I'm not really sure how behind we were! I bought a chorizo sausage for the first time- so looking for the recipe that required that!!

I also forgot to book the American Diner with the groupon voucher we had. I thought they were open last night and they were only open until 5. We're eating in a different style restaurant every month. So rather than give up on that challenge- I'll book it for tomorrow or Wednesday and just book the Thai restaurant in May aswell.

It's lovely and bright today- which makes a nice change. It means that Holly wants the back door open- so it's not that warm!!!

It's Monday- what are you reading?

I've read a few good books this week. I have a soft spot for Danielle Steel books- even though she writes using a well tried formula approach and usually has a nice happy ending! HRH had been on the bookshelf forever- which is unusual here. The princess took a year out from her responsibilities to help out in an Aids clinic in Africa. She falls in love with a doctor- but he couldn't possibly be suitable for royal life!!!! It wasn't my favourite Danielle Steel- but was a nice comfy read.

I also read a new author to me- Alex Kava. The ebook club I belong to, provided the first in the series. It follows an FBI profiler and it was a real page turner. I've already bought the next 3 in the series on kindle!

My favourite book was Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe by Jenny Colgan. I totally immersed myself in the story and didn't want it to end. I loved every page - and the recipes sounded delicious. It was borrowed from the library- but think I need a copy of this one for my bookshelf! I loved it so much that I had to buy her latest one about a sweet shop before I finished- so that I had that one to look forward to!

I have nearly finished an autobiography by Pauline Quirke- an actress in the UK, who recently lost a lot of weight using Lighter Life. It is mainly an account of her weight loss- with a bit of her life history. It has been a good read even if it isn't what i was expecting.

I've had all the recipe books out this weekend to plan a few new meals. We went to a new local supermarket yesterday to buy a few different ingredients and hope to try a few new recipes this week!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

lights 120:365

I had no idea what to take today. If it had been a bit nicer we could have gone somewhere to find some pretty street lights. But it has rained all day and it's freezing. I did want to pop to BHS to find one of their lights- but without the little camera we'd have been a bit noticeable. Roll on  next month when I can upgrade my camera and get one that I can upload photos from! Anyway- this is the dining room light shade. Most of the others are very plain. This one is like spun wicker.

I found our local Morrisons today on the hunt for the Union Jack mug that Ali bought earlier in the week. 120 pound later I walked out without a pretty mug!!!!!!! They did have some lovely offers on- and think I'll go back to Morrisons another time!

Handmade 119:365

When my dh picked me up from work yesterday- he said he'd already called my friend and asked if she was free that night! He was officiating at a swimming gala near her- and thought it would be a good chance for us to have a gossip and a bottle of wine.

I had enough time to get changed and check the word of the day! Karen has a lovely display of handmade items dotted around. She does a lot of cross stitch. At one point we both shared patterns and made some of the same things. I have this Country Companions grandfather clock kit (as it's something I'd love to own!). Karen actually completed hers!!!!

I got to meet Nat's boyfriend- we saw him last week for the first time, but didn't get to chat to him. He seems a lovely lad. One you won't mind taking home to meet the mother sort!!!!! I sound more like my mum every day. They went out with friends and Karen and I ordered a Chinese in and polished off a bottle of wine.

It was a lovely unexpected treat. A nice gossip over wine ! I got home a bit late to upload and edit the photos- so I'm adding it this morning before everyone gets up!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Art 118:365

Most of our art is beach/sea related- apart from the lounge. My dh spent a lot of his childhood in various African countries as his parents worked for Dunlop overseas. Therefore he has a passion for anything African. His sister has many authentic African things in her house. I love the colours in this picture. We have some smaller ones by the same artist- but this is the only one up at the moment as the other spots have been taken by canvas's of Holly!!!!

I had trouble taking any of the other pictures upstairs as it's too dark and dismal today and can't get enough light in and there was flash flareback. This one isn't flash- but the glare off the glass. It's one of my favourite pictures- another artist I really love. We bought several pictures by this artist in Cornwall and also birthday cards. It is 3 little girls sitting in the sea- and at the time my daughters and my niece were similar ages to those in the picture!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Tradition 117:365

My initial thought this morning- with the Golden Jubilee looming, was something to do with the Royal family or the Union Jack flag. Probably because I am on a mission to get to Morrisons to buy a mug that Ali posted yesterday!!! We share a love of mugs!!!!!!! I met my mum and sister in Birmingham for lunch today. Mum managed to buy her outfit for my cousins wedding and she looks stunning in it. The only problem is that she's chosen the same colour way that I'm wearing!!!!! I have a coral pair of trousers and a beige floral top- with either a jacket or a cardi!. She's chosen a lovely dress with a posh jacket!!!!! I almost bought Emma something in a similar colour- so think I'll go for something different for Em!

I saw these lovely mugs in BHS reduced to half price- and on the way home I had to stop to buy a 'pretty' box of tea for my photo. I've decided to go for the British tradition of stopping for afternoon tea. They had a wonderful mug in BHS which if I'd got a phone I could upload from would definately be my photo today. It was a Union Jack flag - with 'A British cuppa' with tea, biscuits and a tea ball (for proper tea). I was so tempted to buy it - just to take it's photo. But it was 8 pound and common sense prevailed!!!!!!! I'm also not keen on big mugs!!!!

I was in a real panic this morning- as the drains are blocked again. Because of the heavy rain they had overflowed. I was due to meet mum and Sue and I needed to buy her birthday pressie. Eventually I decided that on past experience - they probably wouldn't be out that speedily and phoned them before I left and explained the situation again and said they could access the drain- but I couldn't be there until 3.30. As it turns out- they did call me and tell me that they'd been delayed at an earlier call. Since we had our last problem in January- they now promise to be there within 12 hours. So I have the time duly noted and will be calling them promptly if they go a minute over!!!! I have left strict instructions that the operatives come out with the information of where the manhole is and that none of the neighbours have a manhole in their garden- so they don't get them out of bed. I was polite - but I have names and times recorded from the outset and they won't repeat last times fiasco. We did get compensation last time and hopefully the new response time may be in part as a result of us escalating it to the big wigs last time. They are also supposed to be coming out with cctv cameras. They were supposed to use them last time- but they didn't materialise.

When I stopped in Tescos to get the tea- at the checkout they had the 'golden ticket' chocolate bars- for tickets to the Olympics. I've just read Meet me at the Cupcake cafe- where they had a Grampa Joe- which in turn reminded me of Charlie and the chocolate factory and his golden tickets! My dh tried unsuccessfully (thankfully- with the price!!!!!) to get tickets- so I've bought him a couple of bars of chocolate to see if he can win one. Fingers crossed for him- it would be slap bang in the middle of our holiday- but he already plans to spend the fortnight watching tv! I also tried to 'win' Amy some tickets to the Britains Got talent finals- although that is probably in the middle of her exams- so even if she got tickets she probably couldn't go!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Powerful- 116

I was going to use a scrapbooking photo for today- as I think it is such a powerful tool for preserving family memories. I've just signed up for an Ali Edwards class - 31 Things which is designed to create memories following a daily prompt during May and June. I thought it might tie in nicely with the photos we are taking daily and help me think of things to preserve. Guy went to see his grandma at the weekend- and she lent him a book about the 50's. It's full of photos- and the ones that absolutely fascinate me are the everyday things, such as the inside of a shop or the kitchen and even everyday people walking along. Photographs are such a powerful and emotive tool. But I've been reading and watching tv clips about a story that has captured the world news just now. Claire Squires died whilst doing the London Marathon on Sunday. She was 30 years old and died within the last mile. She was running to raise money for the Samaritans- as her brother committed suicide when he was younger - and she thought that the charity often got overlooked. Her poor parents have lost both of their children- but have said that she would have been overwhelmed with the success of her just giving page and urge people to keep 'just giving'. I found the message so powerful. Her page is approaching having raised 700,000 pound for a superb charity. I admit that it is a charity I have probably always overlooked. At the moment we are supporting Guide dogs for the Blind.
This is Rudolph- and he's being scrapbooked so that we wil always remember him. We sponsored him as part of the girls 18th birthday celebrations. I really value the gift of sight- and with my dad being registered partially sighted fairly recently it is a cause close to my heart anyway. But I suppose todays word just showed me how powerful the gift of charity can be- even a little can mount up to really make a difference to a wonderful charity. I read that they will be sending a Marathon medal to her family- and there will also be one on display at the Samaritans Headquarters. They will be in touch with her family eventually to ask themthem how they would like the money to be used. I hope it brings her family a glimmer of comfort to hold onto.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Blackpool Tower

I didn't take this photo today- but I've got to use it for todays theme!! Last week my daughter had a teacher training day after the Easter holidays- which meant we were free to tag along to the seaside with my best friend and her daughter. She was auditioning at the Pontins in Southport. I absolutely love the coast- so because we were free it was a great excuse. We had a 'sleepover' at Karens because she wanted to make an early start. Natalie let us use her room and we had an inflatable bed on the floor! Roxy- the dog came bursting in to say Good Morning. We took a picnic and set off for the sea!!!! We went into the entertainment hall with Natalie and there were a few youngsters of similar age looking very nervous. Some with their mums- and a few on their own. Natalie got talking to another girl who was auditioning to be a dancer. So we left them- after wishing them all good luck. Unfortunately Natalie didn't get through this time round- but she was called for an interview after her audition so she obviously shows promise. She was my photo of the day on Saturday after her first paid singing gig- and she was also in her school production of Romeo and Juliet in the same week. So hopefully her dream will come true. If she doesn't get her dream job before she leaves school- she has got a place at Uni. She's not sure yet whether she'll be taking that up. Anyway- after her audition we headed off to Blackpool for the afternoon. It's years since I was in Blackpool and that was a very busy Bank HOliday weekend. It was great to see the place in the Spring- because you could walk along the beach. Karen let me use her camera whilst we were there- as it was the day that my camera broke. She uploaded them to Facebook for me the other day- so I can use them now!!!!
A very rare photo of Emma smiling- in front of the tower.
Roxy digging for rocks on the beach. If Roxy and Holly were friends (which they aren't)- Holly could have come along too. But we couldn't risk arguments in the back of the car and poor old Roxy being traumatised by the bully dog!
The Big wheel on the pier. We had a lovely day. We got to walk on three beaches and spend time with a lovely friend and her equally lovely daughter. It was such a breath of fresh air to get to do something fun on a 'schoolday'! Karen travels to different parts of the country quite a lot in her new job. She's just driven past the Angel of the North- which is on my wishlist to see!!!!! She does say that I could tag along and be dropped off to take photos whilst she does her business meetings. But unfortunately I can't ever not be here to meet Emma, Guy is very tied to the holiday he can take and wouldn't be fair to ask him to take a day, so that I can go somewhere! I can count this as one of our walks- actually could be three walks! We walked absolutely miles through the sand dunes in Southport and Blackpool beach is a mile long I think- and we walked along and back. We even found a shop that made rock daily- unfortunately only on Thursdays the week we went!!

Monday, 23 April 2012


Here's the image I used on Facebook today to wish everyone a Happy St Georges Day. I sent the girls and Guy off with 'Jubilee' fondant fancie cakes this morning!! But that's about all we've got planned! I have got the England flag flying on the shed door- but couldn't get a great photo of that. I'm proud to be English- proud to be British aswell. But think we should celebrate more than we do. We went to a St Georges day celebration in Birmingham a couple of years ago- but didn't check whether it was on this weekend. I still have to take a photo for yesterday- not doing so great without my little camera! I'm reading a great book at the moment- Meet me at the Cupcake Cafe by Jenny Colgan. I've read some of her books before and do love them. As part of World Book Night- which is today, I was chosen to give out copies of Sleepyhead by Mark Billingham. I have got 3 copies ready to post out to people- and will have to go to the post office tomorrow now. So sorry for the delay!!!!!! I have one last copy left that needs a new home- so will offer it here to the first person to post here or pm me on UKS (I'm Kim on UKS). I'll post it with the others tomorrow. It's also Shakespeare's birthday today- part of the reason they chose the date! I studied 3 Shakespeare plays at school- my sister can still quote my O'level book because I have to learn/revise by continuous repetition. I studied Merchant of Venice- and the school put on a production which everyone went along to- as the best looking lad in the 6th form had the lead part. Very cunning casting by the English department. I must try to read a few more plays.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Precious Memories

Tonight was all about creating precious memories for my best friend and her daughter. Natalie had her first 'paid' professional singing gig at the pub where she works. We all went along to listen and show support. She has a lovely voice and would love to sing professionally. She had an interview to be a Blue coat this week- and I think she'd be wonderful. Unfortunately they said no this time- but hopefully once she's got a few auditions under her belt the right job will be out there for her. She's going to try the cruise liners aswell. My dh said it was just like going to see one of our own daughters perform- as we've known her since she was a baby. Her boyfriend and his family were there to support her- and he didn't take his eyes off her once. He's totally besotted! It was the first time we'd seen him- but they look like a lovely couple. Fingers crossed that one day we'll be able to say ' We were there'- when we see her perform somewhere on a big stage!!!!!!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Flag 111

I haven't been anywhere exciting today- where they might have flags flying. So I was scratching my head a bit!!!!! One of the houses round here does fly two flags- but I didn't want to walk around with the camera! They might have thought I was planning a bit of breaking and entering!!!!!

Amy's boxes of treasured possessions- are ready to go back into her room. I don't think she wants them back in her room- but I DEFINATELY don't want them in the lounge either!

I knew she had a Union Jack photo album for her birthday- to put photos of her 18th birthday year in. But on it's own - it was a bit flat!!!! So I delved a little further and found a pennant flag from her swimming days and one of the 'medals' she won. Her swimming club presented the winners with engraved glass paperweights in a presentation box- that could stand on a lit crystal base. One of my facebook friends posted that her daughter was at the City of Birmingham Open over Easter and it brought lots of memories back- so quite an apt photo!

I must tell Anne- that Holly loves the dog toy that I bought after seeing hers on her blog!!!!!!! We got the older version which is wooden. Holly isn't the brightest button in the box- and tries to use brute force, but is beginning to get the hang of one side!!! She hasn't yet figured out that the other side needs to go in a different direction. So we'll see whether she learns to figure that out!!!! I only mention that- because this morning Holly was really fussing around me. I checked she had water and her breakfast- and she wanted to play her game!!!!!!!!!!!

Mum is taking my sister up to her house on the bus today- as she's having internet withdrawal. The district nurse was hoping that someone else in the house was a driver- so that she could start using the surgery for her wound dressing. She also said that she should be going out a bit more- as it will build her strength.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Catch up!!!

I've had a real disaster with my camera again. The 'new' one I bought on ebay has developped a zoom error and just spends its time zooming the lens in and out. I've had a look online and the particular model that I 'wanted' has issues with the zoom- and I've seen that the scratch on my last camera was probably caused by the lens cover design fault. So I am going to try writing to Panasonic and see if we can either get a repair done on one of the cameras or some sort of help. It's the 4th panasonic camera we've bought- and we've also had a video camera and tv from them aswell. So we've been pretty loyal customers. I love the lens and zoom on my little panasonic and dh says we've got to wait until we can afford a new camera now with a guarantee- with a similar lens quality- but not necessarily a panasonic unfortunately. It won't be any time soon- as I probably overpaid for the last one I bought. I've had to use my dslr which doesn't like me very much - and I know I've managed to get it on a wrong setting- but don't know what I've done! Dh is a bit busy with Amy's decorating and we've been here, there and everywhere this week.

I had a gorgeous day in Southport and Blackpool on Monday. Emma and I stayed at my friends overnight so we could make an early start. My camera played up as soon as we got there. Karen let me use her camera as I'm suffering 'withdrawal' without a camera- but she hasn't uploaded them yet!!!!! Natalie had an interview to be a Bluecoat and she did quite well- but unfortunately hasn't been selected this time round. It was her first audition- hopefully she'll get something soon. Not one of my photos unfortunately- but it was a really wonderful day walking round Blackpool.

Todays photo is the keyring for the front door. It's a little teddy with my birthstone- a sapphire. He's tiny - but very cute.

This isn't the same tree that I took earlier in the year- he doesn't look much different yet. It's the one opposite the bus stop in the morning. It's a huge tree and I can't wait to see how he changes over the year.


There is some very pretty tree blossom around- the other day I thought it was snowing when the tree blossom was falling heavily in the garden! I had wanted to take our rhodedendrum- which is busy flowering for the second time this year. It's so pretty. But it's pouring with rain!

This is a place I don't really want to see in the near future. Guy's dad has been discharged- but will probably need an operation sometime soon. Hopefully they will sort the problem out.

I still need to take a photo for Bold- I am going to take a photo of Amy's new wallpaper which is pretty bold for us. But I can't get one in focus today- all my photos look like I had a liquid lunch!!!!!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Coiled- 105:365

I checked the word before I went to work and was positive that we had some coiled chargers.Anyway- I've just searched the mess box (aka the cables box) and none of them appear to be coiled. So it will have to be all the wires coiled round!!!!!!!! I can never find the charger I need. My dh is absolutely obsessed with cables. When we had our original tv drive box fitted- the engineer came in with two huge cable wheels- big enough to sit on! He could see my dh was in seventh heaven and left one of the cable wheels for him?!!!!!!!!!!!! Why would we need that much cable!!!!!! This box is the chargers and cables that came with things we've bought. The hifi and tv cables are kept in the shed.

I couldn't find my phone charger all week- and in the end I ordered another one on ebay. That night my dh found my charger at the bottom of my ironing basket which was in the cupboard under the stairs (don't ask!!!). So at least I should have a spare now!

Last time we did a car boot sale Guy put loads of cables/chargers on the floor in a box and I had to laugh at the amount of men gathered round it like kids in a sweetie shop. He sold loads of it!

Friday, 13 April 2012

Petal 104:365

The pansies are still busy flowering away- so here's one of the little faces!

I must be mad- because although we still have Amy's stuff all over the place, I decided that today would be a good day to organise one of the cupboards. I am 80% through and have run out of enthusiasm. I'm having a tea break and I'll go and put the rest of the stuff back! I'm trying to sort a bag for a car boot sale- to see if we can raise some money for something!

We're off to pick up the chair that Guy won on ebay. IT's one of the IKEA poang chairs- and we bought a new cushion/seat in their sale. I would love to go and buy Amy's new duvet and curtains aswell- even though it's nowhere near ready. Guy's hoping to start the papering tomorrow and it's only a small room. The downside is that is has alcoves and the old boiler pipes boxed in- so not a nice square room.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Shocking 103:365

It's shocking just how much stuff from dd2's bedroom is all over the house. How did it all fit into her room????? We have boxes full of stuff all over the lounge. I would have preferred the dining room! One box is FULL of swimming medals and shields etc. I'd forgotten how many she had- and maybe this is a box that needs to go into the loft until she has her own place. She doesn't swim at all now- but was training 6 times a week for quite a while. An old schoolfriend posted on facebook at the weekend that her daughter was at the City of Birmingham Open- and it brought back lots of memories!

Just how long does a small room take to strip the paper aswell! It's the worst paper we ever bought- and it's not coming off without a fight. We also have to decide what to do with her wardrobe. Guy had bought 2nd hand doors to go infront of the fitted system she has. When we put it in we had thought that the open plan style would suit her. But soon realised that it was just MESS on show- so it has had floor length curtains to hide it. But the doors don't look great now they are ready to be thought about. I don't think I inspected them before!!! I wish he wouldn't look for bargains on ebay! We're off to pick up an Ikea chair from an ebay purchase tomorrow aswell- and there's nowhere for that to go yet- it's suppose to fit in the newly created space!

Guy's dad has been taken back into hospital. He had a second op a month or so ago- and think some scarring is causing issues at the moment. He had to be transferred to the hospital by us - as they have the scanner they want to use. He has to take antibiotics - and then they want to operate again. Guy went to see him with his mum earlier this afternoon- and I stripped a bit more wallpaper!

I sorted a couple more books for him- as he's run out of reading material, and we can't have that!

The car went in for a service this morning- and to get the fuel pipe fitting checked. But at 4 it had only just gone on the ramps. So not sure how long that will be. Hoping it's not going to be expensive as it looks like we might have another wardrobe to buy!!!!!

Guy's back in work tomorrow- so not sure when Amy's room is going to get done now. I'm not even sure where she's going to sleep either! Her mattress is on the landing at the moment and she's either on the floor in Emma's room- or in the dining room I think!!!!!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Elegant 102:365

We've been to Blackbrook zoological park today - with a voucher from Groupon. They have mainly birds- owls, storks, pelicans, vultures, flamingos etc. There were also several peacocks. A long time ago it was one of my ambitions to take a photo of a peacock displaying his tail feathers and it took me a long time to get a photo. Today the peacocks were shaking their tail feathers all over the place. One did have 2 peahens to impress.

This particular peacock was sitting in with the meerkats. They would run around in a group- leaving one on sentry duty. Then one particularly naughty meerkat would leap on the back of this poor peacocks tail feathers and bite them. It took him a while to figure out what they were doing- but eventually he started parading his tail feathers - and shaking them at the meerkats!

I always think they look so elegant when they have their tail feathers on show- and think of them as an old fashioned gent would wear top hat and tails when accompanying his date! So he's my choice for today. I'm not actually that happy with my photos from today.Guy and I took both slr cameras out with us. His are MILES better than mine- and my photos with my little camera are better aswell. So I'm going to download his photos aswell and then pick a few of the best to get printed.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Clutter 101

This is the perfect prompt for today or yesterday. It was mission accomplished in Emma's room- it is lovely and tidy and organised. BUT we are left with three huge bags with the dvds and cds. We need to decide how to organise them. She is and always has been a horror with media items. When she had videos- they would be all over the floor with boxes that didn't correlate to the videos on the floor- also on the floor. When she swapped over to dvds we thought it would solve the problem- as they were less bulky. But she still takes things out of boxes, uses them as coasters and gets them sticky, scratches them. Then she'll need an urgent trip to a shop to replace a vital disc that would be fine if she'd look after them.

So we are faced with deciding the best way to organise these discs. A lot of them will probably have to be chucked away. I might go and buy lots of cheap dvd cd carrier cases from the Poundland. She has a nice leather case that holds hundreds- but it's really heavy when it's full. Whatever system we use isn't going to help really.

I had to laugh when I looked at the photo. Holly has 'packed' a ball into one of the bags- she must think we are going on holiday!!!!!!! Whenever the cases come downstairs to be packed- she always packs a ball in the corner. She's the only dog I know who does her own packing! It's one of her favourites too!

eta: We've managed to get Amy to pick a colour scheme- have bought the paper and narrowed a selection of duvet covers and curtains. I couldn't believe the price of the paper! One roll was 20 pound- and I said that it was a bit dear and the next one I selected was 50 pound!!!!!!!!! We've managed to pick 2 papers. One for the 'accent' wall in a maroony purple design and the other paper picks out the colour of the flowers. She has the smallest room- but think this will make it look quite classy!!! Her room is well overdue decorating. It was quite painless too!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Gentle- 100:365

My dh and I have spent the day trying to organise and clean my daughters bedroom. Her clothes are hanging in her new wardrobe and the old furniture that was in there is being redeployed!!!!!! Her computer has had a spring clean and her dvds are all in bags in the lounge ready to be sorted. She is a 'mess monster' and it has taken both of us most of the day. She had a little bookcase in her room that there is no longer room for. So I have to either rehome them all or save them somewhere.

She has a little slip case of 3 books by Jane Hissey. They are lovely gentle story books and I can't bring myself to chuck these out. Dare I say I need to start a grandchildren box?!!!!!! She has a built in cupboard that at the moment has a chest of drawers infront of it. It was my secret hidey hole for my stash of books that dh can't stand. He thinks my kindle means that they should all have gone to the tip!!!! So when he isn't looking- these 'gentle' little books will hide back in the cupboard until they are needed one day!!!! We need an extension- but the neighbours don't tend to be too happy when you have a terrace house!!!

I've escaped to start cooking tea- because he's become a little bossy- and I'm not great at taking orders!!!!!! So in the interest of peace I'm having a coffee break and will then get started in the kitchen. 'His way' is the 'only way' when you are working on a room- so it's best that I leave him to it now!!!!!

Tomorrow we've got to start again in Amy's room. We should be decorating- but she's not cleared the room yet- so we'll need to start on that. Then we need to go shopping to choose paper and a new duvet and curtains. She also wants a chair from Ikea. It will be nice to see both bedrooms clear and tidy for a change and we're hoping they will keep it tidy. At the moment all the mess is in the lounge waiting to be sorted into either a rubbish, car boot or back into the room neatly pile!!!!!!!!!

It's Monday - what are you reading?

I've enjoyed reading this week- think I always have that much more free time when the girls are off school! No school run twice a day!

I read another James Patterson- 11th Hour. I love this series and this one was just as good as the others that I've read- I know I missed a few in the middle of this series, but hope to catch up with them one day.
I also read another Agatha Raisin book- The Haunted House. These are great for curling up with a cuppa with as Agatha bumbles around upsetting people but solving the crime!
The other book I read I was really looking forward to- but found it such a hard read. Mum's List by St John Greene. I knew it would be a sad book- and I know I am super sensitive to any mention of cancer still. I saw him interviewed on telly with his boys and loved the sound of the book. It follows his wife's wish for him to provide many life experiences for their 2 boys after she lost her battle against cancer. She wanted them to go camping, see a live rugby match, go scuba diving etc. Their little boy suffered from a very rare form of cancer and whilst he was in hospital she went into premature labour with their second son. Then when he was coming to the end of his active treatment his wife discovered that she had breast cancer. I'm not really sure who I would recommend this book to- I found it extremely hard to finish. I know there is talk of it becoming a movie and it will be a real weepie!

For a bit of light relief I am reading A walk in the park by Jill Mansell. So far I am really enjoying it. Lara comes back for her estranged fathers funeral and discovers that she now owns the family home. She also has an 18 year old daughter who has never met her father- as she discovered she was pregnant on the day her father kicked her out, aged 16.Her best friend has just jilted her husband to be at the altar- and I am really looking forward to seeing what happens next! This one is from the library and I have loads of others on the reservation list that I can't wait to get!

I'm also reading 2 books on the kindle. It's not like me to read so many at a time. But think the last book was such a tear jerker that I needed some other books on the go. I used to take part in a seasonal challenge over on Good Reads- where you try to read books on certain themes. I was amazed by how many books people are able to read- and became aware that I was picking books to try and get the challenge done and not just what I fancied to read next. I was never going to be able to complete a challenge as there are just too many books needed. I used to enjoy trying to select books to fit the themes- but sometimes felt pressured to read things I wouldn't have chosen. So it was time to abandon challenges! But one challenge that came up frequently was to read a huge book of over 800 pages. They said that if you read 10 pages every day you would get through the book during that season! Gone with the wind was my book for that category- but it remained unstarted. I eventually downloaded it onto my kindle and started to read my 1% every day. I am quite enjoying it- the author writes so descriptively about the clothes.

I am also reading a really old Nora Roberts book- The MacGregor brides. I had this one from an ebay purchase of a bulk lot of Nora Roberts books when I discovered that I enjoyed her style. It's another one I managed to download onto my kindle and trying to catch up to where I got in the book version! They are more Mills and Boon than the later books which I love- but I am determined to see how it ends!

Amazon had a spring sale and I treated myself to a gift voucher and then spent merrily away until I'd used it up. It's been a while since I 'bought' any books for it. I tend to look at the free downloads. But since putting some books that I really want to read onto it- I am using the kindle more and more. It has now become my first port of call - which I never thought would happen. I still have my new books from the library to look forward to- as I could never afford to buy all the new book releases!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Lots and Lots 99:365

What else could it be today- but lots and lots of chocolate!!!!!! We've all got one egg. Mine came from work (well the Easter Bunny with a little help from the Branch Manager!) and Guy was given an egg by his boss. Then his boss gave him another two for the girls.

They did used to get lots of chocolate- but now it's money to get whatever they want!

I know Guy bought the ingredients for a full English Breakfast this morning- so that will be a nice start to the day.

Later- we are hoping to finally finish Emma's wardrobe. It's just waiting for the last door to be assembled. The frosted glass panels have to be built into an aluminium frame and apparently there are millions of little pieces that need fitting into the door frame. I love things from Ikea!

Next week we should be attempting to decorate Amy's room. She is supposed to have boxed everything so that we can actually get to the walls- but as usual she waits until way past the last minute- and the boxes are still unassembled - let alone ready to move. She hasn't picked a colour scheme OR paper. We have got a seat cushion in the Ikea sale- just need to buy the seat now!

Guy is off next week- apart from Thursday. So we are hoping to go out a couple of days. We have tickets for a bird place in Shrewsbury where we are hoping to use the cameras. Emma wants to go to the safari park and I'd love to see the penguins there! But that won't leave a lot of time for decorating.

Happy Easter everyone- hope you have a great day.

Loved this on facebook!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Girly 98:365

We bought this ornament when the girls were little. I went through a phase of buying birthday cards by this artist. The girls reminded us of the twins- one blonde and one with brown hair. It lives in Em's room- or it did until we emptied it this week! I still think it's cute and girly- because it reminds me of when my girls were cute and girly!!!! Before they stopped letting me dress them!

Work was awful today- I was glad to escape back out of the doors!!

Britain's Got Talent is on now- and the lad who's just murdered a song was one of the ones we saw at the auditions. The best one we saw was a little boy called Malachi- so watching out for him.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Pastel 97:365

Emma loves pretty colours and as a result her room has lots of pastel things. This is her camper van money box and a ty pig that she used to love. I think he needs a whirl around the washing machine! She's been a bit unsettled today- screaming at me this morning. We've had to remove computer priviledges . I'm at work tomorrow- so I have a feeling she'll get the cable back!!!!! The break in routine away from school is quite hard on her. Although she wouldn't admit it, she thrives on the structured days at school. She'd prefer to spend all day on her computer. But she's being very charming now- offering to do chores! I sometimes wonder whether this is the Emma we would have if she didn't have autism and prone to tantrums!

We are also in the middle of putting new wardrobes in her room- so it is a bit upside down which she finds hard to deal with. Hopefully that will be sorted over the weekend and we can try and sort her room out and keep the clothes hung up ( a novel idea for her to try!). There will be a lot more wardrobe space- and hopefully encourage her not to use the floor as a useful storage area!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

What is that! 95:365

I tried to take a photo of a section of a hot cross bun this morning. But by the time I'd figured out that the photos weren't clear, they'd been eaten! I was just sat eating my lunch when something caught my eye through the window and I thought 'What is that?'!!!!!!!!!! So it has to be the photo for today! We often see the heron when we go for a walk around a local nature reserve. I have never seen him striding along the roof of the houses opposite. I took these quickly with my compact camera. By the time I thought that bigger lens on the dslr would be a great idea he flew away.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Noisy 95:365

We visited my parents today on the train. The station was very noisy and VERY cold. It was snowing. Luckily the snow didn't settle. My sister looked quite bright. The district nurse is still coming out daily. She loved the e reader we'd got for her. My niece is coming back from a school trip in Spain tomorrow. THey haven't heard from her since Sunday- so they are presuming her phone credt has run out. The poor girl has had trouble with her 'friends' whilst she's been there, not being very nice. So they will all be pleased to see her home.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Teeny tiny 94:365

I've been thinking about this one all day. I went down to the local shops to see if they had any cute little toys- but they only had bb guns or the equivalent toy! Not what I had in mind.

I decided on the little pink case with princess stamps which was one of the things unearthed in the girls cupboards yesterday. But then I remembered a little teeny tiny christmas ornament that lives year round on the bookshelf. It used to be the people outside the 'village' that went round the bottom of the tree. It lit up and was very pretty- but it wasn't very toddler friendly and I think we were left with one shop. The little people are too teeny tiny to go in with the christmas deccies- so that's why they live in a little spot on the bookshelf. It's one of those things that needs a permament home- but where? I suppose realistically it's time for it to be chucked away- but it's too sweet! It's on a coaster to try and give an idea of the scale!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Childhood- 93:365

I've already taken a lot of photos that would have been suitable for today! We are in the middle of getting the girls bedrooms ready for makeovers- so yesterday a lot of little items were sorted out of drawers and wardrobes! This little collection reminds me of various stages of the girls childhood.

The cherished teddy was a christening present. I went mad on cherished teddies for a while. It started when we had a short holiday in Dartmouth just after we'd discovered we were having twins- and we saw a little ornament of two teddies in sailor suits. I had always wanted to have sailor suits/dresses for my children- so it seemed like a little sign that we needed that ornament!

Their first bedroom after nursery decorations was all Forever Friends. It was pink and lilac and sooooo pretty. They had a couple of these little teddies and the duvet etc.

Emma's mini has already featured- but is something we're keeping!

The 'Amy' is Amy's velcro nameplate from nursery. As they arrived they had to collect thier name and put it on the board for that day. The 'mummy' is part of their flash cards (think this one was saved to be scrapped one day).

The books are another reminder- Little Miss Sunshine is really cute. They used to love the Little Miss books and they were a perfect size for little ones. The bird book was a modern day I spy and we had various ones. The other one was a series of stories about shetland ponies.

The other idea I had was the childhood sweets that I remember- and I may have to pop down to the local shop for a packet of 'refreshers'!!

It's Monday- what are you reading.

"Meet Merlin. He's Lucy's bright, beautiful son - who just happens to be autistic.
Since Merlin's father left them in the lurch shortly after his diagnosis, Lucy has made Merlin the centre of her world. Struggling with the joys and tribulations of raising her eccentrically adorable yet challenging child, (if only Merlin came with operating instructions) Lucy doesn't have room for any other man in her life.
By the time Merlin turns ten, Lucy is seriously worried that the Pope might start ringing her up for tips on celibacy, so resolves to dip a poorly pedicured toe back into the world of dating. Thanks to Merlin's candour and quirkiness, things don't go quite to plan...
Then, just when Lucy's resigned to a life of singledom once more, Archie - the most imperfectly perfect man for her and her son - lands on her doorstep. But then, so does Merlin's father, begging for forgiveness and a second chance. Does Lucy need a real father for Merlin - or a real partner for herself"

Kathy Lette has a son with Aspergers and she writes with insight into the condition- but the book didn't really grab me.

This week I am reading another James Patterson book- 11th Hour. It's one of my favourite series by him and I'm really enjoying this one.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Costume 92:365

I couldn't take my initial thought for costume. We have a aluminium statue of a Knight on a horse fairly close by and I thought a knights costume might look nice! But we've been here, there and everywhere today and dh didn't want to detour past!

So I was drawing a bit of a blank- and decided to go with a bit of costume jewellery. I wanted to take the bracelets that Amy wears- but she's in a less than co-operative mood today! So I had to dig a necklace and earrings out of the drawer!

We did get to Ikea today and also to Costcoc- so Emma's room and the garden should be looking pretty soon.