Monday, 13 February 2012

It's Monday - what are you reading?

I was really disappointed with the latest James Patterson. I had felt the same about a lot of his more recent ones- until I read the last two which were page turners again. This one was like a mob story and I really wasn't eager to keep turning the pages.

I did read another lovely book this week. Letting Go by Pam Rhodes. It's been sitting on the bookshelves for years and thought it was about time it moved on!!!!!!! It was about a couple who seperate when a dreadful secret comes out. It follows their lives in the immediate aftermath.

I have a book due back at the library this week- so I need to try and get that read. I'm not really sure whether it's my cup of tea- it was one of the book club selections. It's about the author Ernest Hemingway and his first wife. I know little about the author and the reviews of this book don't make me keen to learn more! I think I will read the first few chapters and see if it draws me in.


  1. I've never read any of his books...
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  2. I've never read James Patterson, but you don't get to be a Famous Author without having something special.

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