Friday, 17 February 2012

Abstract 48:365

Luckily I saw the prompt before we left this morning and looked around Birmingham for something abstract. This is a section of the brand new library due to open next year. Last time I was up in this part of Birmingham- they were excavating for the foundations!!!! It certainly looks as though it's going to be an interesting building. The current 'central library' is a 60's building- and there are rumblings that the council shouldn't have spent so much money on a new one. At least they are planning for libraries to be a part of the future!

We have had a fantastic day at the Britains Got Talent audition- a free day out. I think I'll be doing a blog post about it later. Amy really enjoyed it- and think one of the little boys we saw today will definately make the tv show. Let's just hope I won't appear in the audience shots! I did wear a stripey waterfall cardigan in the hope it would confuse the cameras!!!!


  1. Very very pretty Kim !
    Please remove word verification, lol

  2. oops- didn't even know it was on mine!

  3. Great photo, and sounds like a fabulous day! :)

  4. lo you do know we will all now look out for you in the audience . great photo