Sunday, 19 February 2012

fashion 50:365

We're not followers of fashion here unfortunately! Just got back to my lounge completely rearranged by dh- who obviously fancies himself on the interior design pages of the magazines. He waited until I was out- because he knows I think it won't work this way round. None of the seats face the tv!

Well- he's back at work tomorrow and one of the settees WILL be changing position!

I'm drawing a blank on fashion- can't see past the mess dh has made in the lounge. So borrowed one of Em's magazines (unfortunately not one of the high fashion glossies) and have taken their fashion page!


  1. lol at the rearrangement of furniture! That was the sort of thing my mum did while my dad was out at work lol :)

  2. This is a great idea for fashion - love it. My mum used to do that as well, dad always used to say he never knew where the furniture would be from one day to the next. As for us, everything has stayed in the same place for years. x

  3. did he explain? Oh no, not purple, I look hideous in it!!

    1. lol, no. He has a habit of taking my house apart when I am out for the day. He wanted the lounge this way- even though I told him it didn't/wouldn't work. Another time he had all of my kitchen units in the middle of the kitchen when I got back- and I still can't remember why!!!