Friday, 17 February 2012

Britains Got Talent auditions 17th February 2012

We've just had a lovely day out at the Britains Got Talent auditions at the ICC in Birmingham. I noticed it on Facebook earlier this week and applied to go into the draw for tickets. We had to take the email to the ICC after 11 this morning to get the tickets. They then told us that we could 'roam' around until 2. They gave us a couple of 5 pound gift cards for Starbucks. So Amy and I went for a drink in the cafe. I took a photo of Amy's wrist stamp- thinking it might do for the abstract photo today!

We had a walk along the canal at Brindley Place and saw some of the contestants doing interviews for their piece to camera! We had lunch sitting by the canal. Birmingham is a truly fascinating city- there is soo much to see that we take for granted a lot of the time. I spotted an Italian restaurant I can visit later this year!

We went back inside to use the second Starbucks! We heard lots of cheers and Amy wanted to go outside and see Ant and Dec. They are really tiny weeny!

We were still waiting for the 'studio' to open- so saw the judges arrive aswell. Amanda Holden was looking stunning so soon after the terrible time she had having her baby recently. Alesha Dixon was a sweetheart with the fans waiting for her and was like a whirlwind of exuberance going past. Simon Cowell is quite a slight man aswell. He paused directly in front of us- but we didn't get brilliant photos.

They had a warm up man who kept everyone informed about what was going on and how many acts to the break etc! Stephen Mulhern and Ant and Dec came on stage to chat. THen the judges arrived- David Walliams was quite amusing. The buzzers were SOOOO loud I almost jumped out of my chair when they were pressed.

Virgin Media gave an ipad, Selfridges vouchers, a playstation and something else to people who 'tweeted' the warm up man.

They brought one lad down to meet Alesha Dixon and he presented her with a ring and a proposal and all the judges gathered round and had photos taken.

One little girl had been on stage with Whitney Houston a couple of years ago- and I was expecting her to go through because it was so topical. I don't think that many of the people we saw will make the final shows- although it was enjoyable. Apart from a little boy called Malachi- he could make the final shows. He was so sweet!

On the way out they were giving out goody bags which included juggling balls, a lit yoyo, a handwarmer, a pack of cards in a tin and sweets!

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