Thursday, 24 January 2013

What makes me Happy!

Holly is definately the 'smile' maker in our family. She makes me smile as soon as I get downstairs every morning.

She recently had a nasty accident in the park and we had to take her to an emergency vets, who consulted a specialist surgeon. It was decided that the best course of action was to let nature heal the injury on it's own rather than operate- as the healing process would be easier for her. We had to hand feed her for nearly a week- syringing water into her mouth every 20 minutes to make sure we were getting enough water down. She wasn't Holly- ears back, eyes dull. I was soooo worried about her. I slept downstairs to make sure she didn't have a problem overnight.

Anyway- on Friday the snow arrived and she asked to go in the garden. She stood there and didn't have the energy to do anything else. But the snow really perked her up. On Sunday she went to the local fields with the girls and Holly was back!!!! She absolutely adores the snow and always has- and the smile hasn't left our faces ever since.

We could still have problems once her antibiotics finish. She was also on human painkillers for a few days to help get on top of the pain (vet prescription!). She has an appointment this Saturday- but they said she only needed to go if we were still worried about her.

I am now back in the land of the nearly normal- so want to try and catch up with the challenges. I did take a photo of the 'view' on the day Holly had her accident and for a while wasn't sure I'd be able to use them. But I will - as she's since been back and was happy to walk there. I've also taken a view from my kitchen window with the snow.

I am also trying to join in with the fms photo a day challenge and trying to do some sort of project life. I haven't had a great start- leaving my camera at my mums over New Year, then the cable for the camera going missing when I got it back, new one ordered , then poor old Holly and photos were the last thing on my mind for a week. But I am going to try and catch up and join in now!