Saturday, 31 March 2012

Games 91:365

Every morning at work- after the sales briefing they have an 'energiser' game, as part of a 'team building' activity. This morning we played Pictionary with 2 teams. We're not allowed to take photos at work- so can't include one of that- which is a shame as the Pictionary is quite fun. So I was going to take a photo of our Pictionary game- but think it must have been one of the games that suffered from Emma's phase of 'lets see how much stuff we can cover the floor with' phase. Everything that went through that phase had to be thrown away!

So I found 2 more games in her cupboard and they look well played. Cadoo is the childrens version of Cranium which is one of my favourite board games.

We were off to Ikeas 21st birthday party at the local store last night- where there were supposed to be party games and discounted goodies to buy. We were going to buy Emma's wardrobe. About a mile after we left home our car just cut out completely. We were UNDERNEATH a section of the M6 on a huge roundabout with huge lorries whizzing past. Luckily although the power/steering had gone completely Guy managed to pull it mostly off the road. We got out and there was petrol pouring out of the bottom of the car. The things our car will do to avoid going to Ikea. We had the fuel pump changed late last year- and the fuel pipe was either not reattached correctly- or it had come loose (which shouldn't happen!). Luckily the nice RAC man got it fixed and Guy was able to drive it home. Guy's parents were eating locally and came to pick us up and the RAC said they'd call when they were 15 mins away. I was in a real panic when the car lost power and managed to annoy Guy who was probably in a big panic of his own. But luckily it happened just before we joined rush hour traffic on the M6. We could have caused a nasty accident- and I would have had an even bigger panic there!

Friday, 30 March 2012

Humour 90:365

Friday has become magazine day for Emma- we now have to buy two. Take a Break has to wait for her to come home and we have to buy another similar type for her to read on the bus to school. As I'd seen the prompt before we left, I bought a paper to take a photo of the comic strip. I also saw these little cuties on the counter in Tescos- and they just had to come home with us. They will go with their Easter pressie and the little lamb is for me!! They made me smile.

We went to Amy's awards evening at school yesterday. For some reason the music department ALWAYS pick someone who can't sing to do a solo. The poor girl didn't hit a single note in tune. Amy made some comment, as they were rehearsing when we first took our seat- and I literally could have crawled under my seat incase her parents were sat right by us. My nan was the master at putting her foot in it- and everyone in the family calls Amy
'Little Nanny mark 2'. She has the knack of either saying the wrong thing or giving backhanded compliments.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Daybreak 89:365

I am usually up at the crack of dawn lately- but dd slept in today and I couldn't drag myself out of bed. So I didn't take any stunning sunrise photos. I wondered what to take for today- and thought I might have to go with a photo of the Daybreak breakfast show. The photo shows a baby born today. I also took the sky from just outside the house- but not particularly stunning today. As we were getting into the car the sun was bright over the houses opposite and thought that would be my shot. Then on the way to the bus stop I saw the sun peeping through the trees and liked the shot. So although it's not technically daybreak- the sun was still on it's way up in the sky. At the bus stop I took a photo of the daybreak bus timetable. They start just before 6am.

We're off to an Awards evening tonight- so if tonights prompt is sunset I am going to have to cheat and use one from last summer!!!!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

9am 88:365

I remember reading Jo's blog or facebook update and she was ironing in the garden! So thought I'd borrow her idea today and set the ironing board up in the garden. A flock of seagulls has just flown over making a right racket. Their sound transports me straight to the coast- so I'm on the costa del Birmingham this morning!!! I know some people don't like seagulls and they can be classed as 'vermin'- but I love them. We used to feed them when we were small and I loved watching them. I know it's not advisable now because they can become aggressive and steal people's pasties!

Breakfast telly was on- so I sat down to watch the cookery section- chicken tarragon this morning. I must remember to look on their website to get the recipe because it looked really tasty.

Holly thinks I'm ready to play ball in the garden- because surely that's what gardens are for!

Looking at the garden makes me try to plan makeovers!!!!! It needs a major makeover this year. We used to do something every year- but it seemed to grin to a halt a while back. We got rid of one flower bed last year as all the shrubs had gone 'native'. I really miss the lavendar bush- and this years plan is to buy some plants and put them in large planters on a pebble bed. Wonder whether we'll get round to it!!!!!!!!!

I've just remembered something Emma said this morning that made me smile. She saw me coming out of my bedroom fully dressed- in my new coral tunic top. She said 'You look pretty mum'- which means she's noticed you've got something new on. You have to take compliments when they come in this house. Anyway I saw her downstairs and she was horrified that I still had my new top on- she thought it was my nightie!! So maybe not such a great buy after all!!!!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Dinner 88:365

We had dinner out with Guy's parents tonight at the Locanta restaurant in Birmingham. We had a groupon offer there last week and he thought his parents would enjoy it- so we took his dad for his birthday. THe waiter thought we were food critics last time we went because I was taking photos! This time he bought the chef and 'sous' chef out to see us. It was a Tapas menu- and because there were 4 of us this time we chose to try their entire range rather than 3 dishes each. I am sooooooooo full. They made some complimentary dishes for us to try aswell! They also serve Italian dishes there on HUGE plates- but the main menu is quite pricey. It's unusual for us to eat out normally- but we are making an effort to eat out once a month (twice this month).

Monday, 26 March 2012

I used to have to get up at 6am- as Emma had to meet her bus guide at 6.45 to get to school- and once she was ready for school I had more free time than I do now. But I still have to fit in 5 mins with a good book and a cuppa before the daily stuff starts!!!

Mornings normally start between 5-6am- when Emma wakes up. Unless she's making too much noise I try to stay 'asleep'!!!! She turns all the lights on - so if Emma is awake, I'm awake!

I have a packed lunch assembly line sorted, then a cup of tea for everyone when they get up. This is where I try to sneak my 5 minute catch up with my latest book. Breakfast tv is on so we keep an eye on the time. We have a daily debate about whether the hair has BEEN brushed- today the general consensus was that she hadn't!!!!! Guy drops us at the top of the road to meet the new bus guide(to save us walking up the hill). We weren't expecting to find frost on the car this morning. We also check the temperature every morning on the dash! I sometimes pop into the local Tescos to get something for our evening meal- or something we've run out of. Today I got a bunch of daffodils for 50p. I see Emma off on the bus- sometimes wishing that I was escaping to a day at work!

As soon as I get in- my mum is usually making her morning telephone call and today I had a paper to glance through. This is when I usually check on the word of the day for our challenge. Although I think it's up at 6 tomorrow- so hopefully I'll see it before we go out.

Then it's onto the daily jobs- today I have to do the close cut on the lawn. It had it's first few cuts to make it presentable yesterday (it was a bit long!).
Holly's walk will be sometime in the morning- although Guy has left her lead in the boot. So I'll be searching for the lead she came out of the dogs home with. Hopefully it will be in her cupboard.

It's Monday - what are you reading?

This is one of my favourite books this year. Zoe is competing in a tv cookery competition. Before it starts she accidentally meets one of the judges when he gets stuck in a country lane. She falls for him and they have to hope it doesn't jeapordise her chances in the competition. She also befriends the couple who own the property where the competition is based. She's sharing a room with Cher- who is determined to win at all costs.

You know what you are going to get with a Katie Fforde and know that you can lose yourself in a nice comfy story.

I've downloaded a couple of books to my kindle lately- so it will either be Betrayal by Danielle Steel (my secret guilty pleasure still!) or The House on Willow Street by Cathy Kelly. She's another one of my favourite authors- so either will be a real treat.

I won an e reader on ebay last night for 10 pound- so I am hoping to load a few books on it and take it over to my sister whilst she's convalescing at my mums after recent surgery. The company will download 2 books onto it aswell- so a real bargain. She'll be without internet at my mum's- so thought a few best sellers might keep her occupied until she can drive again. It's bright pink- which really isn't her colour- but never mind!!!!!! I might even buy one for Emma if it looks ok, if I can get one for the same price!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

9pm 85:365

This was what was going on at 9pm tonight. I am really looking forward to watching Titanic- so I've used a collage from the first few scenes on tv!

We've had a lovely day. Best of all we collected my sister this morning and dropped her at my parents house to start her convalescence. She was very bright and chirpy, too. My dad was disappointed not to see Holly in the car. But as Guy had to wait 3 hours in the car- we didn't want to leave her in the car whilst we got Sue. It's something when your dad is looking past you for the dog!

We got back and it was still beautiful sunshine- so we took Holly for a walk around the water park. She's a real water baby- so it's her favourite place for a walk. Most of the other dogs were ambling along- and our mad one was leaping into the water at every opportunity and trying to drag felled trees into the water for us to throw. People were laughing at her trying to manouvere the tree.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Bedtime 84:365

Emma has a room full of teddies - so I thought I'd tuck them up in bed for a photo.

My sister thought she'd be having bedtime at home tonight. The doctors told her she was being discharged. My lovely husband went to pick her up whilst I was at work (after he'd done a few hours at work himself). He had to wait over 3 hours- and then they decided they wanted to keep her an extra night after all. So he missed all of the sunshine!!!!! Hopefully we can go and get her tomorrow.

We're watching Britains Got Talent tonight- hoping I don't catch a glimpse of myself at the audition we had tickets for! We've already seen a couple of the lads we saw in group shots of the contestants.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Clock 83:365

I love clocks- but I've already blogged about the one my grandad bought when we got married. When we first lived in this house I had clocks everywhere- the clocks changing was a major undertaking. I have no idea when or why all the clocks disappeared. I used to be really obsessional about time- and couldn't go anywhere without a watch. Now the only working clock in the house is the alarm clock. That is really old and not at all photogenic.

I suppose we always have access to the time- on pc's, mobile phones, breakfast tv. I think maybe the biggest change in the need for clocks is to do with my husband. When we first met he was consistently 45 minutes late for everything. So much so that we had a Guy time and the real time for things happening. I get stressed if we are running late- so over the years it has rubbed off on dh. We aren't usually early- but we'll turn up somewhere scraping in by the last second- but on time. Although to be fair, if we are late, it's now usually down to one daughter. She's inherited her dad's lack of 'respect' for time. She'll start getting ready when we are all sat in the car! She's the last out of the house in the morning because she can't get ready when the rest of us go out.

Anyway- these photos are of miniature clocks that I used to collect. It was an easy thing for people to buy. I've added a photo of the clock with a book just to give an idea of scale.

One thing I would really love to own is a grandfather clock.I had one once when I was about 10- white with pretty roses on it and about 12" high! My parents went all the way back to Mevagissy on holiday to get it for me. It's something I wish I still owned. Guy's grandma gave us a 30's chiming clock when she moved into a retirement village and I really love it. Unfortunately I began sleeping badly and I'd listen out every 15 minutes for it to chime- so it's had to go to live in the loft for now. I also can't sleep with a ticking clock. When we go on holiday I've been known to have to put clocks in drawers because it keeps me awake- strange for someone who does love clocks!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Calm 82:365

A really good word for me today. My sister had a CT scan yesterday- as soon as my dd arrived for visiting!!!! It's CLEAR! So as soon as they have checked she can digest food properly and run up and down the stairs she'll be able to leave hospital. She's a very fussy eater and hasn't been eating the hospital food. So the dietician is seeing her today to see if they can order special meals to get her eating. They had to do that last time she was in- and she was getting cooked breakfast and meals she'd eat. So a feeling of calm has come over me!

Time to make a cuppa and have breakfast. I will admit that when Amy told me she'd gone off for a CT scan yesterday I went into a mild panic- although I know they do scan for other things apart from Cancer. So mum rang this morning to say they doctors had been round and it was all ok- and provided she co-operates with the other two things she'll be looking at coming out at the weekend hopefully.

In our family a cup of tea is a cure all. My daughter absolutely loves her cup of tea and never refuses a cup! So I'm sat here with my cup of tea enjoying a late breakfast - with a Mount Everest of ironing facing me, but even that isn't taking away the 'calm' today! The crock pot is busy cooking dinner for tonight as dh and dd have to be out for 6. Dh has just called to say that they've had a payrise backdated- and we can use the extra money to get a new wardrobe for Emma's room. This will hopefully help keep her room tidy. She's a walking mess monster.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Everyday sight 81:365

We have a key holder in the kitchen so that we always know where the keys are in the morning. So why do we often have panic stations when the keys aren't where they are supposed to be! Most of the time it's because someone else opened the door and my keys are either still in my pocket or in my handbag. My keyrings have my name on- just in case I should forget who I am! I seem to have rather a lot- and mum has just had 2 new keys for her front door that need to be added!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Meal 3 March- Tapas

We booked this one through Groupon again. The restaurant was Locanta by St Pauks Square in Birmingham. We could choose 6 dishes and a dessert for 16 pound. We managed to park right outside! The food was absolutely delicious and we would definately eat there again. The main meals looked absolutely huge.

We had calamari, Bruscheta, garlic and cheese mushrooms, chicken livers, humous(sp?)and a mushroom and leek gratin. The desserts were a hazelnut roulade and black forest gateau.

Guy phoned his mum to tell her about it- so she could maybe book it for his dad's birthday next week.

Quiet 80:365

It's been a very quiet day here- recharging the batteries and enjoying the first day of spring. My favourite way to spend quiet time is to curl up with a book and a cuppa. I've already used several booky photos- but here's another!!!! I love to pick up my 'reserved' books at the library and I admit that there is a 'quiet' thrill when I'm the first person to check the book out!!!!!

My other pleasure when I'm in a quiet mood is to listen to my quiet slushy tracks. Since we got Spotify I've set up a 'quiet' playlist. There are a couple of old Wham tracks thrown in there to stop me dropping off to sleep!!!!!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Playtime 79:365

Playtime was invented for dogs like Holly. Her soundtrack should be "Don't stop me now- I'm having such a good time'!!!!! This is her toybox- any pruning has to be done when she's out and this is a bit full!!! When we're off for a walk or if someone comes home- she has to run here and pick a toy. When we first got her- she used to put her toys back aswell!

I was going to use a photo of her playing on the walk- but she's so quick you either get a blur- or miss the photo completely. This was the best one from today!

They have display cases all along the corridors in the hospitals where they display local artists work. One of them is a lovely little dolls house- and I might try to take a photo of that tonight.

My sister was looking much better last night- and chatted to me for the whole hour. They had taken her off the morphine yesterday- and I am sure it doesn't suit her. But they don't seem to have much range between morphine and paracetomol. There are conflicting views between the consultants and the physio about whether Sue should be 'running' around. Last time the hospital had to buy in special equipment to treat the wound as she didn't heal well. This time consultant one thinks she should take it easy until she feels ready to give the wound chance to heal properly. The other consultant and the physio want her running about. After she'd been up and had a little walk yesterday she did seem much better to me. But she is agreeing with the other consultant and wants to sleep all day.

It's Monday - what are you reading?

I used to take part in the seasonal reading challenges on Good Reads and a frequent challenge was to read a book over 800 pages. So Gone with the Wind has been on my TBR pile for years. I've finally decided to chuck the tatty copy I had and download it on my kindle. The challenge group used to say that if you read 10 pages a day - it would be read during that season. So my personal challenge is to read a bit every day and see if I can get through it!

I also read a really trashy, free download on my kindle this week. It was set on a ranch and started out quite well. But I lost interest quite quickly.

So next week I'm hoping to get further in Gone with the Wind- which I have been quite enjoying. I also have an autobiography about a daytime tv presenter -Andrea McLean. I am struggling to read much at all - but could do with taking this one back to the library soon.

I've been visiting my sister every evening in Hospital and by the time I get home all I feel like doing is sitting in front of the telly before bed. I just can't concentrate on my reading.

I have managed to download a few good books over the last couple of weeks and I am really looking forward to reading a bit more!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Hobby 78:365

My main hobby is and always has been reading. When I was small my mum's best friend unearthed boxes full of her childhood books in her mum's shed and I worked my way through those. I also devoured the latest Famous Five. My cousin had them all stacked in the bottom of her wardrobe and let me borrow them all. (I had to buy my own set when I had the girls- but they never 'got' Enid Blyton- so had to read them to myself!). I read anything and everything that comes across my path and love chick lit, murder/crime and biographies. I resisted buying a kindle for ages. I never thought I could enjoy reading off a 'vitual' page. But the kindle joined us at Christmas and a friend kindly loaded loads of books on it and I had a new addiction of downloading new free ones from Amazon. It should now keep me busy reading for about 10 years- if it lasts that long. I'm beginning to wish I'd bought the one with a bigger memory. But I thought I'd never fill it up!

I used to buy books all the time and couldn't walk past a book shop- they used to draw me in off the street and force me to breathe in the new book smell! I could always find loads I would love to take home. A trip to the supermarket would see one or two (or maybe more) of the special offers leaping into the bottom of the trolley to be met with disapproving glare from Guy when they reappeared at the checkout!

Then I rejoined the local library and have been getting my 'fix' of new books there. I must be one of the most frequent 'requesters'- they know my name there. I've also given them bags full of books to either sell or put on the shelves.

This year I've been chosen to give out some books on World Book Night and I am still deciding where to distribute them.

So the photo has my current library book pile- and the 'front page' of my kindle selections. I'm still to decide on whether I want a case for the kindle. I think I prefer reading it as it is- so it lives in a pink wetsuit type case from ...............Poundland at the moment.

I was surprised with a couple of pressies this morning- so as the kindle and my books have and probably will feature heavily I thought I'd add them today. Emma made me a 'surprise' wooden heart at College. She had let me know a few weeks ago that she was making a surprise heart- but since then has kept it secret and produced it from her school bag this morning. Amy bought me a cute teddy in a box and a key ring. Emma made me a cup of tea first thing- we were the only two up. Then Guy made scrambled egg on toast a proper pot of tea. He's the only one who uses the teapot!

We're off to see Guy's mum before she goes to cook lunch for her mum. I was planning to go and see my mum then. But she wants us to come tonight after visiting.

lol- just had to add these two photos. After we'd visited Guy's mum Guy decided to take Holly round Sutton Park. Unfortunately he hadn't said- and I didn't have a coat or walking shoes with me. So he took Holly and we all sat in the car. Emma spotted a couple of rabbits and I got out of the car and edged as close as I could and managed to take a photo or two. When Guy back I told him - and he got his camera out and adopted the Black Whale position. I just had to take a photo to show Anne!

This is my photo of the little cutie!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Music 77:365

I wanted to take a photo of Amy playing her guitar- but she wouldn't let me anywhere near her with the camera. A Saturday at home means a day off straighteners- and we couldn't possibly have a photo!!!! So Guy posed poor old Holly with the guitar! I did take a few photos- but made a mess of most of them and I'm just too tired to have another go!\

This one is her pride and joy. She's got a couple of acoustic guitars and an electric guitar (but that one isn't brilliant). She taught herself completely and can play along to most of her favourite music tracks. Her taste in music is veering MORE towards the pop side rather than really heavy rock when she started. "Supermassive black hole"- Muse has me diving for earplugs because it's the first thing she 'learnt' to play and we'd have the same refrains over and over again.

We've just had a 6 month membership to Spotify where we can listen to all sorts of albums and tracks and I've been listening to all sorts of music since we got it on Wednesday. Some artists I thought I'd love the album- I don't and others have been a nice surprise. Amy's latest cd is Ingrid Michaelson- and I admit I haven't a clue! I will listen to it at some point tomorrow.

I went to see my sister after work today. I met my mum there. Her temperature is still spiking- but she was more 'alert' today. She complained the whole time we were there about the nurses, physios, food, pain relief, lady in the next bed, etc- so we're looking on that as a good sign. She 'tolerated' us for about half an hour again and then fell asleep. She's on hourly obs- and is feeling exhausted. If she was able to have a nights sleep she might feel lots better- but hospitals aren't restful places. So we're hoping tomorrow she might manage to drink and eat a little more and get her temperature down.

Friday, 16 March 2012

BLISS 76:365

The weekend will start here for Emma. She'll get back from school, have a cuppa with a nice piece of carrot cake and the latest Take A Break. Magazines are her new obsession. It's lovely to see her enjoying her reading.

My sisters operation was a success- they managed to reverse the procedure she had a couple of years ago. It will make a huge difference to her. She is still very groggy- and yesterday the nurses expected her to get up and sit in the chair. But she's still attached to drainage and drips and painkillers. No one actually helped her- not sure she's actually capable at the moment. They also left her sealed sandwich- and after chemo she was left with problems with the feeling in her fingers and feet. So she couldn't actually open it. My mum opened it when she visited- but said it was very dry and unappetising anyway. They don't use butter.

I'm feeling a bit touchy today- cos my one aunt has already started rumblings about whether my cousins are needed to take my mum shopping etc.I have asked if she needs to go- but my mum is almost impossible to help. She won't ask- so you have to guess what she needs and provide it! My one cousin took my mum and niece home after visiting last night. My fil has also been in hospital- so yesterday my dh visited him. She has just succeded in making me feel guilty that we aren't doing enough to help.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Wild- 75:365

I took a photo of this the other day- but I tried to get Holly to go for a walk earlier and she refused to go. So we needed to take something in the garden. This is a wild rose hip. I do keep trying to cut it down- but the thorns are vicious and every time I try to prune it I ended up hurting my fingers.

Yesterday she set back home after I'd thrown the ball twice. We had a spell over Christmas and New Year where she refused to go for a walk- unless we started off in the car and went somewhere a bit prettier than round here. It's caused by people letting off fireworks- mostly at night but some in the day aswell. So she is terrified of going out of the garden.We only have one car- so we had to throw the ball in the garden a lot. I've been building her walks back up again- but the last few days she's been 'wimpy' again. I really don't know whether she's picking up the nerve vibes off me and thinks we need to stay close to home. Anyway today- just after she refused to go we had a FED EX delivery that I thought I'd arranged for tomorrow!!!! So maybe she's psychic! The parcel was full of meat- diced, minced and chicken, pork, lamb etc. I thought I'd try to get a whole months worth of food planned this month. I had used this company years ago- but thought I'd give it another try! Anyway- Holly was dancing down the path following her nose. The smell was driving her WILD! She had to poke her nose in the box. Everything was sealed - so no problem with her having a look! Then she gave me such a look. We try to feed her dry biscuits all of the time- but she would much rather eat tinned dog food or fresh meat. So this was a bit of torture for her!

We went to see my sister last night- and she was only brought back up to the ward at 6 following a morning surgery, and she was still very groggy. I think she must be someone who doesn't tolerate the anaesthetic very well. It really worried my mum- and I was a bit late arriving anyway- so she'd gone in on her own. She had a bit of a grey pallor- so I hope she's pinked up again today. We don't know what they were able to do yet- and thought she should be the first to know.

This morning she was still very groggy- but the nurse said she'd smiled when she told her that her mum had rung. I'm going again tomorrow- as today is booked! My mum hasn't slept for a week- so I am hoping that she looks a lot brighter tonight.

The tivo box was fitted yesterday and we've got 6 months free Spotify- which is a music thing. So this morning I've had a few albums on that I wanted to listen to- Christina Perry and Rebecca Ferguson. I might work my way through the top 100 on their list. Listened to another that I could only manage a couple of songs!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Unusual camera angle 74:365

I haven't been able to settle at all today and put my mind to the photo. My sister was in surgery this morning - and I couldn't really concentrate. I've wanted to be near the phone. She had major surgery a couple of years ago- and this one will hopefully get rid of the side effects following that. I just hope that everything was able to be done- it depended on any damage from the previous surgery being lasting. She's out of surgery- but not yet back on the ward. The visiting is 5.45. Guy has to interview someone after work- so not sure whether he'll be able to take me- and it will take me about an hour on the bus. So I need to decide whether to start walking to the bus stop before he'll be finished interviewing! My mum wants me to go with her- as she was very poorly after the last surgery and it was quite frightening to see her. She had a collapsed lung and a high temperature. She was in quite a few weeks last time- and we're hoping she'll manage to be out after 4-10 days this time.

Anyway- I took Holly out for a walk and part of it goes right by the underneath of the M6. Holly could definately read my mood though- because after a couple of photos - she started off home!!!!!! Had to catch her up!!!!!!!!! She's not keen on photography- unless she's the model!!!

So this is the underneath of the motorway. It's right by one of the overhead signs and sometimes we see men in reflective overalls climbing down the ladders!

These were my other attempts at unusual camera angles- one of the bathroom towel, a notebook, a traffic jam on the motorway, a pylon, a bit of cross stitch embroidery, a leaflet and the postcards on the back of Amy's door.

Hopefully tomorrow my mind will be a bit more focused.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Shapes in nature 73:365

Most of the pictures around the house are sea/beach related. We've had this one ages and it shows the natural shapes that can be found around the coast. I used to have a dish with shells in the same room along with little shelves with starfish on. I love shells. It's a bit of a cheat- so I also had a look for some real life shapes in nature!

It's a bit wet and miserable out there- but had a quick dash around the garden and also couldn't resist taking HOlly's paw which was sticking up in the air whilst she's asleep! She doesn't like the rain- so she's busy recharging until the sun comes out. I found ivy leaves which I think are so pretty, rosehips which really need to come out when the garden is pruned, the daffodil and a pretty little yellow flower at the back of the garden that has survived longer than the others!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Garden 72:365

I had a look round the garden this morning- and there isn't a lot going on that I haven't already used. SO I think it means a trip to a garden centre is essential, to add a bit of colour! This is the WINTER hanging basket that is only just coming into it's own. We'd normally be looking at the spring ones- but this might see us through the summer! I have to hope that the promised sunny weather is going to stick around this week- as it obviously needs a lot of tidying!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Hiding 71:365

I woke quite early this morning and couldn't drop back to sleep again- so I got up to make a start on the dreading ironing basket. It was a beautifully bright morning- and there was a beautiful plane trail in the sky- the plane was hiding somewhere up there (judging by the trail it's coming in to land though!). I took this photo before I saw the theme for today and did take other to fit- but have decided to go with this one- as the plane is hiding in the photo.

Here's our PG tips monkey hiding behind the tv!!!!!

What would you know- look what was hiding at the bottom of my ironing basket. It's been a while since I saw an empty ironing basket. Unfortunately there is a line FULL of washing outside waiting to be folded and brought in!

This would have been a great prompt for yesterday. We have an 'energiser' game before we start work- after the sales meeting!!!! I prefer the pictionary- but yesterday it was hide and seek. I managed to win. Not hard really- as there is nowhere to hide in the front office hall- I went behind the counters and everyone else was still in the front office space!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Plant 70:365

My mum calls this plant Elephants feet- and this came from a shoot from her garden. It looks after itself pretty well- and is trying to grow through the back fence to show all the neighbours how pretty it is!

This poinsettia is doing amazingly well for this house. My dh likes them over Christmas- but I've usually had enough of the leaves dropping by the time the deccies come down. This one- touch wood- is looking healthy and enjoying the sun on the windowledge. I might even have to buy it a pot!!!!!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Fuzzy 69:365

The 'fuzziest' thing in this house are Emma's Me to you bears. So I chose one for a photo session and then put a painting effect on it to make it fuzzier!

The first of the daffodils are out in the garden and I bought some freesias to plant in a tub yesterday. I love the smell of freesias.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Bathtime 68:365

I've done quite a lot of bath and toiletries type photos- so wasn't sure what to take today.

I met my mum and sister in Birmingham for lunch and we ate at BHS. They have lovely bathroom displays and I saw this one on our way out. I don't usually try to take photos inside shops- but took the flash off and decided to be brave!!!!!

I bought the girls some t-shirts from Primark- as they are cheap and cheerful and doesn't matter when they go off them!

Amy text me her results- and she's devastated with some of them. She thought her biology had gone well and she got an E. I'm not sure whether that was her AS or A2- she's doing some retakes this year and some A2 next year. I think she may have to rethink uni plans-or at least what she wants to study. She did have a really bad problem with her wisdom teeth throughout the exam time which obviously didn't help. She passed citizenship which she was convinced she'd failed. I don't think they count it for uni- but will be another pass on her CV.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Floor 67:365

We haven't got any particularly pretty floors. I was tempted to include the bathroom floor on facebook in an attempt to get the bathroom finished (sil pressure!). But instead I'm taking one of a sulky dog!!!!!!! She's been basking in the sun in the open back door for the last few days- which means she can run in the garden, keep an eye on everyone who walks past and also keep an eye on the house aswell. She HATES the rain. For a dog who jumps into any sort of water when out on a walk it seems strange that she won't go out in the rain! So she's huffing about- as she'd like to go on a long walk but couldn't possibly go out in the rain!!!!!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Cooking 66:365

It's cottage pie for tea- but thought I'd see if one of the recipe books from yesterday had a recipe for the photo!I love the Hairy Biker books- we actually saw them having their photos taken at Lands End once. I hadn't a clue who they were at the time- just saw 2 blokes on motor bikes at the signpost!

It's one of my favourite comfort foods- and better, almost everyone eats it without moaning too much!

It's taken me all day to find the casserole dish. My one dd has a habit of doing strange things sometimes and had to search high and low for it. Think it's time to buy some new ones. We only have one at the moment- and obviously one isn't enough!!!!!! At least the search has emptied the bedroom of the mugs, dishes and glasses that SHOULDN'T be up there anyway! She gets up really early and helps herself to some breakfast but then hides the evidence!!!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Arrange 65:365

mmm- some of my cookery books arranged on the bookshelf!
The photo I really wish I had for this one is of my daughters collection of cars when she was a bit younger. She had a huge tub FULL of cars. She knew exactly which cars she had and which colours. She frequently lined them up around the lounge and drove them along. It was one of those photos I always intended to take- maybe when she had her best outfit on or when she was in a 'better' mood. Her obsession that I thought was there forever faded to be replaced by something else and the only photo I have of her collection is one of the huge tub full before we rehomed all the cars!!!! We still have a couple of them- but still wish I'd lined them all around the lounge for old times sake before we got rid of them!

These are not really 'arranged' - as these new little vases are a perfect snug fit for a bunch of daffodils. You can guarantee that when we go to see my mum in 'daffodil season' that there will be a bunch of them in a bucket in her porch waiting to go home with us. I love a cheap and cheerful bunch of flowers on my kitchen windowledge- even though these ones are having to share with the Christmas poinsettia still.

It's Monday- what are you reading?

I read Me Before You by Jojo Moyes last week and it's one of my favourite books this year. Unfortunately I had read reviews which contained spoilers- so I knew how the book ended. Despite this I couldn't wait to see what happened next all the way through. I will definately read more by this author.

I also read a book by an army wife called Poppy Day by Amanda Prowse. I saw her interviewed on tv about her book and the whole proceeds go to the Royal British Legion- so I downloaded it for the kindle. I found the storyline a bit too 'contrived' towards the end- but really enjoyed her style.

On Saturday I picked a few books from the library. I'm almost through a quick read by Cathy Kelly called Letters from Chicago. I also have Andrea McLeans autobiography and a huge tome called A discovery of witches by Deborah Harkness- which I found as a book choice on the good to know website when I was browsing for recipes! I added a few books to my wishlist!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Chair 64:365

We're off to see my niece today for her 15th Birthday celebrations. When she was smaller she had a lovely dolls house and my immediate thought this morning was that I could take one of the rooms in that. I spoke to my mum and would you believe she's put the dolls house in the loft now!!!!!!!!

So the next thought was our new table and chairs in the dining room. Guy and I had this with our Christmas money. Our original pine table had lost all but one of it's original chairs and it was beginning to look like a car boot sale reject with other mis matched chairs! The table was still going strong mind you! So I've tried to take one of the leather chairs. For years I've wanted brown leather chairs and bought the table accessories to match. Then we went for a black glass computer desk in there- so the chairs had to be black! I think you can just about see the black cat ornament- which reminds us so much of our old cat Shola. She was a Siamese/Burmese cross and the statue is her to a T.

The other thing that has been in Amy's room for years is the little remote holder chair. I risked life and limb to remove this from the shelves whilst she was still snoring away. She will probably get rid of this when she decides on her new colour scheme in there.
We've just got back from my parents- and this photo has to be included for chair. My dad absolutely loves Holly- and whenever we go there Holly makes a beeline for grandads chair. Grandad can be guaranteed to save tidbits AND find Holly's treat jar (yes she has her own there!!!!!!). So we come home with a very full but happy dog!

It was my nieces birthday today and Amy found a Hollywood Star picture online- and Kimberley wants to be a 'star' one day. She had tears in her eyes when she opened it and it's lovely to know that your present was a success!!!