Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Around the world meal 2- Caribbean and African

We went out to our second 'Around the world' meal tonight at a Caribbean/African restaurant in a rather dubious quarter of the city! When we walked in- it was totally empty (not a great sign). The lady asked if we'd booked- um- think you can probably fit us in!!!

Guy got chatting to her and found she was from Nigeria- she lived in the same part as he did at one point. He found it fascinating to chat to her. They'd owned the restaurant for nine months and are trying to establish a good customer base.

He chose from the African part of the menu- but I don't think a lot of the choices would have appealed to me. His starter was called MoiMoi- but I'm glad I didn't choose it! His main course was Palm Nut Soup wth semolina. He thinks the meat in his might have been goat- but because the meat was fatty he couldn't eat that. He couldn't process fat in food as a baby- so still can't eat it on meat.

I chose from the Caribbean side and tried something I've wanted to try for years- Ackee and Saltfish with rice and peas. It was absolutely delicious. I would definately try it again. I had chicken wings for starter- which were also delicious- but made for a very filling starter!!!

She said she'd love to see us again- and I wouldn't mind eating fish there again. I don't think Guy will be choosing a meat dish again though!!!!!!!

Next month will be Tapas. I think we might have another meal to add this month- as we are going to a beer and skittles evening- and they have a mobile fish and chip van - which must be a British type of meal!!!!!!!!

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