Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Grey 59:365

I've used grey skies a few times- so tried to think of something else to use today. Grey isn't my favourite colour- just brings back memories of school uniform. I remember reading 'Jackie' when I was young and my colours were grey and navy blue- where other people had fun colours!!!!!!

Anyway- this is the latest 'grey' item that has joined the household. The tv advert makes me smile every time I see it. I'm more of a tea drinker than coffee- but this is very nice!

lol- two other ideas immediately sprang to mind aswell. Poor old Holly is getting on in years now- and could do with a bit of Grecian 2000. She doesn't think she's getting old- but the signs are there!!!!! Her muzzle is greying. The other item is the 'grey switcher'. We seem to have millions of switchers- but the one you want is usually the one that is hiding somewhere else- probably under Holly on the settee! But we often get 'Where is the GREY switcher'- as it controls dh's hifi and therefore the 'sound' for films etc!!!!!!!!!! It could do with a noise limiter as I am assured this one only uses VERY high decibels!!!!!! I can see after studying it today that it is WAY overdue a little spring clean. It's because it's the one dh uses!!!!!!

ooooh- Postman has just delivered my 'new' camera- unfortunately it's black not grey so can't use it for today. I ordered a second hand version of the one that broke- on ebay, because I just feel lost without a compact camera around all the time. I WILL use the dslr- but I'm not comfortable taking it out around here!!! So we will have spares for all the cables etc and more importantly I now have a spare battery aswell- so should be able to cope with any day out!


  1. Coffee!! soundslike an excellent idea.. and that kenco really is nice!

    I dont think dogs in general get the idea of "getting older" (mind you a lot of us humns dont exactly age gracefully either :D ).. cooper hasnt quite grasped that he isnt a cute little puppy anymore and still tries to clamber up on your lap.. and he doesnt even know what the word SLEEP means ... holly does look zonked out there :D

    1. Holly used to be a mile a minute, 24/7! She has definately slowed down now and likes to recharge the batteries when there is nothing better on offer!

  2. I like the advert too, my 2 would kill me if i turned up at school in my Pj's. Enjoy your new camera .

  3. Great shots - love the grey muzzle :)

  4. Love your ideas, my mind thought back to my grey school uniform as well. I have had one grey skirt since then (in over 30 years) but school really put me off it.

  5. I'm not a coffee drinker at home- but Millicano has converted me.

  6. I love the coffee advert as well.

  7. Ah Ah, Holly is sleeping like Bubbles !!!

  8. Lots of great ideas, and I love the idea of Grecian for dogs :)