Sunday, 12 February 2012

Blast from the past 43:52

I love today's theme- I had two immediate thoughts and have gone with both. Then finally decided to add a third. I am really looking forward to catching up on everyone's blogs today.

My aunt bought my sister and I a money box when we were small - and we both still have them. Mine used to live on the bathroom windowledge or in one corner of the bathroom until we redid it last year and there isn't the right spot for him now. So unfortunately he's relegated to the toilet windowsill now- but he's still on daily display. I remember saving my pocket money weekly for holidays or to buy Christmas presents and the anticipation as the coins increased until they were needed. Could do with putting him back into service- I used to save!!!!!! I can still remember dragging my parents around EVERY gift shop in Cornwall and all the trinkets I used to buy.

My grandad couldn't make it to my wedding due to ill health. But he gave my aunt (the same one that bought the frog money box) strict instructions that the money he sent was to buy a clock. He had a wonderful collection of chiming clocks and I will always remember going to see him every Easter in Southend and waiting for every quarter of an hour to come round- because different clocks would start chiming. They really were beautiful. I gained my love of clocks from him I think - and one thing I would dearly love to own is a grandfather clock. My great aunt had one that was passed on- before I knew it might be available!!!! Unfortunately by the time my grandad passed away, all of his clocks had disappeared. He did have a very confused time where he thought his home help was stealing things- and at times I'd get phone calls from the police to report something. Why they had my work number I have no idea- apart from the fact that he had accounts there - and maybe it stuck in his mind. My dad would have to drive down to check he was ok. He refused to come back to live in Birmingham. He lived by the coast because he had emphesemia(sp?)and said that the Birmingham air wasn't great for him. In fact in Southend it NEVER rains- they only get sea mist, sometimes it can be torrential sea mist! So although this clock from our wedding day doesn't often have a battery in and the top was snapped off by two very inquisitive toddlers- it brings memories back every time I look at it. We'd travel down to Southend and my mum would have packed a goody bag for the car- with a colouring book and crayons along with other things to keep us quiet. After lunch Dad would take us for a drive with my grandad to the coast and ALWAYS a trip on the funfair.

This one just had to be included at the last minute. I have ALWAYS been an avid reader. Enid Blyton was an early favourite of mine and this particular series of books captured my early imagination. Imagine a tree that has magic lands arrive every day- where adventures happen!!!!!! This copy was actually the one that I bought for my girls when they were tiny- but the 'magic' didn't transfer to them!!!!


  1. Fabulous! I was a huge Enid Blyton fan too ... sadly my daughter didn't get it either! :(

  2. lol i remember the seamist from when i still lived down there kim :) some things just stick in your mind.. love the clock and the story behind it!!

    also love the frog and book...

  3. What beautiful stories Kim, especially the clock. Enid Blyton was translated into French and I read so many when I was little. I always dreamt I would be an explorer and go on adventures. Life just decided a bit differently !

  4. That book was a big favourite of my husband's when he was little and we still have a copy on the shelf. Great stories, every one.

  5. I love your frog. I also loved Enid Blyton especially The Famous Five. I always wanted to be Georgina.

  6. I love Enid Blyton too and desperate to go to boarding school thanks to the love of her books.MY 2 never felt the draw to her books either