Saturday, 25 January 2014

Trying a New Recipe every week

We're trying to keep up with our 2014 challenges- so our life in 6 words includes- TRYING A NEW RECIPE EVERY WEEK.
Guy is joining in aswell- so we are a little bit ahead of schedule- but I know from past experience that we tend to fall by the wayside in a few weeks! So hoping 2014 is the year we keep trying new things. Tonight we tried Haggies, Neeps and Tatties - which is probably cheating as a new recipe because it's only really mashed swede and mashed potato! Holly knew it was something interesting before the packet was open- so it must have a really strong smell. We also tried Lemon Surprise pudding last night- this was a new recipe for a pudding that we used to love. We can't find the old recipe so keep trying to recreate it. We're not there yet- but more of the huge bag of lemons used up! We also watched  WhiteHouse Down last night- which was really good.

SMALL- these are Guatamalan Worry dolls. You are supposed to be able to tell each doll a worry and pop them under your pillow for them to magic that worry away. What a lovely thought that you could achieve that overnight whilst you sleep. It reminds me a little bit about the DreamCatcher we had to buy Amy when she was younger. She suffered a bout of nightmares and on holiday they have a lovely Native American shop and lots of different dreamcatchers. She liked the idea that they would catch the bad dreams and was most insistent that it worked!

Friday, 24 January 2014

My To Be Read Pile!

My life in 5 words- My To Be Read pile!
Reading is my biggest pleasure- when I'm relaxing I'll always have my nose in a book. I never 'just' watch tv- always read at the same time. It annoys Guy that I never 'watch' anything but still need to have Coronation Street on. I have a few reading challenges for myself this year. One of them is to reduce the bookshelves by at least 20 books this year. This is some of the books to be tackled to achieve that!

Daily Snappers has Family as today's prompt. I knew that Amy wouldn't allow me to take her photo today- so have had to go with a collage of older photos that we did for their 18th! I am hoping she'll still let me take our 17.57 photo on her birthday at the end of the month. So I am leaving the 'weedling' until then! I've had a photo every year at the exact time they were born- and whilst they are both still at home I'd like to carry that on!

Thursday, 23 January 2014

My life in so many words!

This one had me reaching into the far depths of my mind! There are so many things that make my life run and are really important.

In one word- it would have to be GUY! Unfortunately haven't been able to 'pin' him down for a photo- so will have to use the Learn Something New Page I used. We try to get away for our anniversary now and we spent the weekend in Derbyshire! We've been married 23 years now- and still glad that he's the one I 'found'!!!!!!
 In two words- My girls! Amy won't go any where near the camera- tried to get one of her today but she just dives for cover. So I've had to use my favourite photo from their baby days! This was only one of those supermarket shots- with someone holding onto their dresses at the back but they were always so happy it still make me smile when I look at it, Who says the baby days are the hardest!
 In three words- My best Friend! This is my mum. I would have included my dad aswell - but he can't manage shopping trips anymore. Everyone I know loves my mum- she is lovely! I have some very good friends- but if I ever had a problem I know this lovely lady would be there sorting it out.

in Four words- My lovely dog Holly!!!
She was definately the best £20 donation we ever made. She'd been in the dogs home for over 5 weeks when we took a little trip to see if they had any puppies. Guy had mentioned that he thought it would be a good idea to get a dog for Emma- and within a few days he found himself at the dogs home- don't let sleeping dogs lie and all that. Well we were sort of wanting a puppy- but in the first little room which had about 5 dogs, Guy couldn't draw himself away from this one. To tell the truth- I had already walked past her as  she was playing with one of the staff. Guy thought she'd be perfect for Em- because she was so playful. Once he'd seen Holly he didn't even want to look at any of the other dogs. The next day she came home with us and she's been the best source of canine devotion we could ever have. She goes to sit with Emma every night when she comes in whatever mood she's in. As I type now- Emma is screaming her head off- and Holly has leapt onto her settee and offered her paw to 'shut her up'. In just that little time- it's worked. She has such a marvellous effect on her mood swings. Just to look at her makes me smile. She's 12 or 13 now- but still thinks that she can leap up trees after squirrels in the park. She does have to take arthritis medicine and I'm sure the vet would probably have words to say if he saw her leaping up the trees- but we've taken the view that Holly has to live the sort of life she wants to lead as long as she's still able to!

Monday, 20 January 2014


Haven't kept up with blogging the photos daily - so a bit of a catch up. Had some sort of bug this week that was like a cold but wiped me out in the early evening. So haven't been much company to anyone!

Inside the cupboard. This is Amy's baking cupboard- which sharees itself with the herbs and oils! She bought almost EVERYTHING in the baking aisles and think we've had 3 batches of cakes!

Inside the machine. This is our old faithful tumble dryer. We've been convinced that it's been on it's last legs for years- but it keeps on going. It's the oldest thing we have and it came free from a charity when Emma was small. They looked at 'needs' and stated that we needed to wash more than the average family did due to her needs at the time- and we got grants for various things including a new washing machine and tumble dryer, clothes, bedding and a holiday. It was a one off offer- but it was so lovely to receive something to make life easier.

Inside the house- Guy's contribution to the Christmas decorations is a poinsettia and we always have one on the kitchen windowsill. I tend to get bored with them when they hang around - but this one is still looking nice and healthy.

Inside my camera bag. Not a great shot really!

 Inside a building- this one is from back in October. it's the new Library in Birmingham- a Vertigo moment.
 INSIDE- my surprise inside. My dh made lemon curd yesterday and put it inside these jam jars! They look so nice and colourful and smells divine. I should have made them some little gingham covers and pretty labels!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Lucky Seven Week 2- Colours

Pink- mum's cyclamen on the kitchen window ledge

                                         Green- New Year fireworks just added to the computer
Brown- a lovely crafty parcel that I'm hoping will kickstart me into scrapping this year

                                          White- one of Emma's many cars that we kept as precious memories!                              
                                         Blue- it made a lovely change to see a blue sky
Red- Amy's safe that she received in Primary school for saving with the school scheme

Black- Em's christmas jumper this year.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year- photo challenges and 52 new recipes

I am also trying to take part in 3 different photo challenges- it will be nice to try and catch up with everyone- but some photos may be for more than one challenge!

I saw a challenge to set 14 challenges in 2014 and I've made a start on thinking about those
1.52 new recipes
2. Keep up with daily photography challenges
3, Read 110 books in 2014
4. Read 20 books off the bookshelf
5. Go to a different style restaurant once a month again.
6. 50 new scrapbook layouts (a bit ambitious I think)
7. Declutter and organise scrapping supplies AGAIN
8. Decluter loft

 Will try to think of more this week.

Jan 1
1. Lunch and Food (FMS and Lucky 7)

Lunch at mum and dad's on New Years Day. Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding and Lemon meringue pie and Christmas pud

1- Gives me hope

A new year brings a blank canvas- hopes for some wonderful new days, experiences even new little people arriving! Guy's nephew has a baby arriving around May 4th- which will be the first new baby in the family for 17 years.

2. Colourful and Drink!

The little teapot my inlaws bought for me on the first day of Emma's new college. It brightens up the morning and my favourite mug which featured in the original 365 challenge. It is the mark 2 mind you!

2. Guatamalan worry dolls (G)
I need to find these to take their photo for FMS today.