Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Fence 39:365

Our fence is not the most picturesque item- so decided to record the meerkats that live around the garden. One was a recent Christmas present.I've always loved Meerkats- before they became fashionable due to the insurance advert! Had a good look at the garden whilst I was out there- and it really needs some attention when it goes above freezing!!!!!!

Had a really disappointing evening. I'd booked a hotel for Amy and her 2 friends. I had asked her to check with their parents that it was ok- and they were ok with them having a drink that evening. I didn't know what I was talking about- they are 18 , no need to ask anyone!!! I insisted that they both checked that the parents were ok with it. I bought lots of 'pamper evening' products for them to use, was going to send a couple of dvds with her laptop and make up a breakfast hamper with croissants etc and bucks fizz. I'd just ordered some bags to make up the pamper packs and was going to tie wired ribbon round a towel, face cloth, shower scrunchie and shower gel in co-ordinated colours. It really was looking pretty!!!! Anyway- I checked last night that it was still ok- and apparently one of the dads didn't think it was a great idea and the other mum wasn't sure either. I didn't want to cause any unnecessary worry on anyone's part- so I've cancelled it. I won't get a refund because it was a prebook cheap offer. If it hadn't been a Friday I'd have gone myself!

Some of the stuff ready to be be a pamper party bag!!!!( I will just treat is as early christmas shopping now!!)

She had wanted us to move out of our home so she could stay here- but I wasn't comfortable with that. One of the girls is terrified of dogs- and our dog isn't the best around people who are terrified. She senses it and she's a vocal dog. I also didn't particularly want to spend the night somewhere else so she could have people here! My sil had said she had spare beds enough for them all and she' be happy to do it- but I booked the hotel and had thought I was organising something special!!!!!! What do I know!!!!!!!!

Also- another of Amy's friends wants her to go to a Uni day with her on Saturday- and think Amy was looking for an excuse to get out of it. To say I'm disappointed is understating it a bit!!! I had booked the log cabin in Wales to celebrate their 18th- and got that wrong too!!!!


  1. I love your Meerkats, Kim. I understand you are disappointed regarding what you organized, but what counts is that you had a lovely idea and all the work and thoughts you put in it is incredibly sweet. You are a terrific mum !

  2. Your photo made me smile Kim! I understand how disappointing it is we think we are doing it right and we get knocked back, but "The best-laid schemes o' meercats an' women. Gang aft agley..." My girls are 40 and 46 and I still don't get it right, but kudos to you for trying.

  3. Love your Meerkats Kim, I'd have loved it if my mum had organised something like that for my birthday! Sorry to hear it hasn't gone down too well!

  4. Oh what a shame for Amy! :( Love the meerkats :)

  5. I think your meerkats might be finding it a little cold at the moment. I think you should take them indoors and warm them up.

    Sorry that after all your work and expense you had to call off the birthday treat. I think you're a great mum for organising such a great treat.

  6. Oh what a shame, and yes you are a great mum for going to that trouble and lovely thought.

    Love the meerkats, simples.