Thursday, 28 June 2012

Free choice

This photo wasn't taken today- but when I left work the rain was coming down like a wall of water and I was wading through a stream on the High Street- so any chance of something in the city centre was a no go!!!!!

This was Emma at the Chinese. They had a candy floss machine and we kept seeing people coming back to their seats with HUGE candy floss. Emma does love candy floss- but rarely has one. But Guy went to get one- and came back with one that she disappeared behind!!!!!

I posted this one yesterday as part of the collage at the Thai restaurant. I thought my starter was almost too pretty to eat. It sounded different to what arrived- basically sesame prawn toast. But it was absolutely delicious!

Emma's school had to send half of the pupils home because the rain flooded the main part of the school. Emma is in a different block- so no unexpected time off for her.

Amy had a lucky escape today in a way. She and a friend walked past a car indicating right and as they walked past, a car from behind ploughed straight into it and the car travelled a distance. Amy was right by it on the pavement. When they looked back- the first car was one of their teachers. So they had to stay behind to give witness statements. Her teacher has a sporty soft top with less damage- but the air bags in the car behind were deployed and an ambulance called. He is saying that the first car wasn't indicating- but Amy says she was.

oops- just noticed the time. I have got to go and COOK tonight!!!.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Our garden table is quite weathered now! We've just been out for a lovely Thai meal and I fancied another glass of wine when we got back. It's 'light' wine- more like fizzy pop really!!!!!

 The food at the restaurant was absolutely delicious. The starters were so pretty!!!!!! My curry was advertised as 'smooth'- and I really enjoyed it. It had chicken, diced potato, fried onion and peanut in it. They came on their own little food warmers with side dishes of noodles and rice. We were sat in a window seat and I loved people watching. It was in Lichfield- which is quite a nice area. There were two police dogs in training enjoying a drink outside a pub!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Still Life

I wasn't sure what to take today. In the end I've had to go with the sushi bar at the Chinese. Not really a still life- but a great photo for today!!!!!! Guy's parents took us out to celebrate his birthday because they were away on the day. He'd requested they sit us somewhere quiet for Emma- so she had a great time too!

Amy enjoyed the rides at Alton Towers today- and we picked her up at my sil's after the meal- so it's been a long evening!!!!!!!!

Monday, 25 June 2012


I've had to cheat today- Amy has taken her camera back as she's going to Alton Towers tomorrow. She doesn't really want to go- she's going with her older cousin and her boyfriend, her friend and Tom her other cousin. They've asked for quite a hefty contribution to the petrol in my opinion. We are going to get her some money out tonight- as she only has a tiny job. We live VERY near Drayton Manor and it would have been a lot cheaper for Amy and Tom to go there! They've got to go and sleep at her cousins in Telford tonight- then someone has to go and pick them up from Telford tomorrow evening.

Anyway- I've been thinking about 'sizzling' all day and drawing a blank. Now the camera has gone for an adventure without me!! So the most sizzling thing I can think of is the Fifty Shades of Grey book that everyone seems to be talking about at the moment. I do have a copy on my kindle- but I'm really not sure I want to read it.

Look who I saw on Facebook today- Hudson at Wimbledon!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 24 June 2012


Birmingham put on a free performance of The Voyage in the city centre over 4 nights this weekend. It was rained off on Thursday- but we managed to watch a slightly 'damp' performance on Saturday evening. It was advertised as being part of the UK's 12 week Olympic celebrations. The torch comes to Brum next weekend. We were given stickers 'I'm part of the Cultural Olympiad' as we arrived.

It was light rain- and the tight rope walker was testing the feel of the 'rope' for a while before he walked across. I was absolutely fascinated watching him before the show. There is no way I could even climb the 'tower' - let alone try to walk across a wire that high in the air!!!!!!  They had a mock up of a ship infront of the Town Hall. A band made it way over to the ship THROUGH the crowd- then a parade of dancers and acrobats carried cases on the shoulders of other performers through the audience again. The lighting was absolutely amazing- different effects transformed the mock up into a 'real' boat. They went through a storm and it went under water- then these ghostly figures came through the crowd in a clear 'zorbing' ball!!!!!!!! We were one person back from this- so very close.

There were dancers and acrobats playing the passengers and crew- and carrying the suitcases at the finale.

They all lit torches for the last scene and it was really effective. It was a real pleasure to be able to experience and participate in an extremely professional show that was put on entirely free. It was nice to be part of a crowd enjoying something together. Even the parking was free (this time- got a parking ticket last Sunday!).

I can't wait to go and see the torch come through Birmingham. It's actually stopping overnight here- so there will be a beacon for the flame.

So this was a bit of pleasure this weekend!!!!!

Saturday, 23 June 2012


We didn't have a lot of sunshine around here yesterday. My 'baby' cousin was getting married at 2pm- and luckily the rain clouds stayed away for her.

I wanted to use her photo today- so I'm stretching the word slightly. Family are definately what bring sunshine into our lives- most of the time. Gemma was one of my little bridesmaids when I got married. Since my cousins started having family of their own- we haven't met up so much as there are just too many people to have in one house. Unfortunately this side of the family- because they are that much younger than the 'older' cousins- don't really see that much of each other- weddings and 18ths!!!! I see the 'older' group of cousins- as their children belong to the same dance/acting groups and we meet up at the recitals and they also keep in touch with my parents regularly!!!!! It's a shame that we don't see more of each other- and there were lots of 'We must get together more'!!

This was a stunning wedding. We were only invited to the evening reception- but my parent's were at the whole event. It was held at a place called Nailcote Hall- and has it's own golf course and leisure facilities. It really was a beautiful wedding location. Apparently Gemma and Roger were taken off in  a golf buggy for photographs in a scenic location- so a lot of the guests didn't get to take that many photos!

I thought these flowers were beautiful- they filled one wall of a house I spotted- so is my photo for 'nature'. Unfortunately the photo isn't sharp- but didn't realise until I uploaded it.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

So long, farewell!!!!!!!!!!!

'I'm leaving on a jet plane...............'

I was looking out at the rain today and the rain is really depressing. So I looked out my bucket and spade and decided to book a holiday in the sun!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mum had an email yesterday to say that a dog food company who use facebook, want to use Holly's beach photos as part of their seasonal blogs, or promotions!!!!! She entered a competition that she didn't win- but they liked her photos!!!! So can't let Holly grab all the limelight!!!! I'm off to take some Monkey beach shots!!!!!

I bought a 'permit to travel' and I'm out of here!!!!!!!!!!! I've loved every minute of this week- but I fancy a bit of travelling to broaden my life experiences!

So now it's all booked- a bit of exercise to get into trim for all those beach shots!!!!!!

                                           These press ups are absolutely exhausting!!!!!!!

ooooh- need a breather!!!!!!

So- I've been to Asda to get something to eat on the journey. Some sushi and bacon and egg sandwiches. I bought some bananas to pack in my little monkey case. I've got my back pack and the 'nanny wagon' packed and ready to travel. I am negotiating to borrow mum's kindle for the journey. I also have my Olympic tickets- will have a day in London whilst that is going on!

So long, farewell- I bid you all adieu!!!!!!!!!!! I've loved meeting you all and reading about all of your adventures. Who knows maybe we'll meet up again later in the year!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Hudsons Diaries Day Six


I know mum loves taking photos- Holly poses all too often!!!!!! So thought I'd grab a camera and have a go today. It is lovely and sunny- so we thought we'd take Holly out for a nice long walk. We had to go quite early- because she gets spooked too easily later in the day.

I thought I might see some wildlife if I borrowed grandads binnoculars. I know dad is desperate to photograph a kingfisher. He has seen one when he didn't have his camera- but not since. Holly and he go to the same nature park EVERY Saturday and lots of people take their cameras and tell him they've just seen this elusive Kingfisher! Don't tell dad- but look at my very first shot!!!!!!!!! I must be a brilliant birdwatcher!

We were also going to do something called gardening today. It sounded a bit like hard work- so thought I'd hide amongst the greenery until the phase passed!!!!!

We went for a nice long walk and I did make myself a daisychain for my hair (what- you're saying 'What hair'!!!!!!!!!)- but the camera needs charging AGAIN!!!!!!!! Anyway- Holly and I have made a truce- we were both shattered after that nice long walk and had 40 winks together!!!!!!!!! I still want to live quite high up though- because I think she forgets herself and I might get an injury!!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Hudson's Diaries - Day 5

I made a call to monkey to arrange to go out on a date to a Chinese restaurant.

I read an interesting article in the paper about a little boy with autism and a cat. Don't I look intelligent here?!!!!!!

Mum loves to read and we usually take a look on Nannny's bookshelf when we visit for any new additions. As if she really needs any books. Dad says our house is kitted out better than the local library!!

                                I had time to relax listening to music before meeting Monkey. 
It was Tom's 16th birthday last night- and Amy and he had finished all their exams, So all the humans were meeting up for a meal at a Chinese restaurant.  They play Happy Birthday over the tannoy when they bring the birthday cake out. Monkey and I had a quiet corner table and left them to it.

When we got there - we witnessed a bit of a drama. A couple of young humans were running like they were practicing for the Olympics, past us through the door. Then one of the Chinese waiters followed them to see if he could run faster!!!!!!!! The two young people had eaten their dinner and then thought it would be funny to leave without paying. We were all 'spectating' through the window- and the waiter will win gold as he managed to catch the girl- and then the man came back aswell. Naughty people. The police did arrive to sort it all out.

Unfortunately Amy said 'Don't ask' about her last exam- and she needs to pass this one. We think she gets so nervous she brings on panic attacks - the teachers were quite worried about her. She is doing an extra year at school next year- so maybe she can retake this one aswell!!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Hudon's Diaries- Day Four

Hi- It's Hudson again. We had big trouble with google locking us out of our account last night and mum's phone needing charging before we could get the code to put in!!!

Anyway- I let you into my little secret last night- I met a nice girl monkey at Nanny's yesterday. We got on really well- and she might become my girlfriend!!! Nanny hasn't ever given her a name- so she just goes by monkey!!!


Holly is getting jealous of all my photo sessions. She rushed into this one with the duck she plays with at Nanny's! She's so vain isn't she!!!!!!

My nan told me that if I want to take Monkey out on a date I need to start saving some pennies. She pointed me to the mini piggy bank that lives on her fireplace and I put my first savings away!!

I thought I might take her out for a nice cup of PG Tips- it really is the best drink out!Here's me with my morning cuppa!

Nanny told me that Monkey might prefer to go to a cafe where they serve the tea in dainty cups- so I had a little practice whilst mum was washing up! Think it might be expensive to drink it in cups this size!!!!

Nanny helped me drink my tea from her china mug- apparently these girls are quite partial to daintier mugs!!!!!

I had a great day and looking forward to a bit of a rest today whilst Mum does some ironing. Shhh- I did notice that Moomin does the ironing- but didn't tell  Mum.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Hudson's Diaries DayThree

Well - we had a really exciting day today- I met Nanny and Grandad. Nanny was quite taken with me. She also provided lots of adventures for me to share another day. I'll let you into a little secret- she introduced me to a lovely monkey who could become my girlfriend. I'll share our first date tomorrow!!!!!

Here's Grandad- he said I could try his new mug out for size and I look rather good in it.

Then someone thought it would be funny to create the eagle carrying away one of my cousins in his new summer advert. They taped me with sellotape- oh the indignity!!!!!!!! I didn't find it very funny! They were shouting ' EAGLE'!!!!!!!!!!

I had to have one of the pink cakes that my mum loves so much to calm my nerves! Shhhh- don't tell her- Nanny let me!!!!!!! These nannies are wonderful- they let you have all the good stuff!

oooh- I forgot to tell you!!! On the way this morning- we decided to go and see this big wooden ship they are building in the city centre. Mum and Dad didn't have 2 pound in change between them- so they tried to register with a mobile to pay. The voice recognition didn't understand dad's brummie accent and he moved away to try and repeat the number plate. Our debit card number was registered and we THOUGHT that meant we'd paid! We got back- after finding that they hadn't actually STARTED building the ship yet, to a parking ticket on the car!!!!!!!! Then we discovered a text on the phone to say that the car reg wasn't registered!!!!!!!!!! Oooooppsssss- an expensive mistake. We were only away from the car for about 30 mins- and would only have cost 2 pound to park!!!!!!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Hudson's Diaries- DAY TWO

Day Two in the Hudson Household

I knew that big hairy beast had her eye on me. My mum got in from meeting Emma and I was in her mouth!!!! She has a bad reputation with 'people' like me- so my adventures were almost over before they began. Mum has work today- so she thought she'd help me post my diary early! Anyway- we've had discussions and she won't forget to keep me on a high cupboard again!! I've got an important mission to complete. Least said about Holly the better!!!!!!

I had a lovely friend introduce himself and offer for me to look at his blog to see what adventures I should be having. Think mum thought she might get away with a few scattered photos. But Clemmie had lots of adventures. I also checked out all the new blogs last night- to see who might be the naughtiest this week!!!!!!!! I noticed that Anne MIGHT be including another one that looks a bit like our Holly- how scary!!!!!!!!!!! But I've heard she's a lot nicer with her friends.

Last night- something called wine o'clock happened. When we had our Jubilee party Guy's dad brought wine over- as he has the impression that mum likes a glass or two!!!!!! She doesn't know where she's got that reputation from- but her work parties (when she was a bit younger mind you) are legendary!!!!! Think she's a bit of a lightweight with the odd glass now though- because she left this one behind and it was ....hic....... delicious!!!!!!!!!!!! Well after that I had to have an early night.

We've got up nice and early and I'm hoping to have an adventure or two today. They are building a huge wooden ship in the middle of Birmingham. I didn't think the rain had been that bad! Next week they are doing performances of the Voyage at 10pm from Thursday. It's free- so now that mum spent all that money on that silly crafting stuff the other day - we might be popping along with warm coats and an umbrella. That sounds like a good adventure for me.

Tomorrow I'm off to see Grandad to wish him a Happy Fathers Day- I've bought Guy a nice T shirt and I think Holly has bought him a card- so I must make one later. I can't let her win the popularity stakes.

Anyway- hope your Saturdays are a bit more exciting than mine is going to be. I haven't negotiated whether I have a ticket to ride into Birmingham yet. Cameras and work are a bit dicey!!!!!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Same - but different

I love this idea. I posted on Suzis blog that I used to love the toy character blogs that I used to follow a few years ago- and Lynne said that she was part of that!!!! Small world! So I am going to use my PG Tips monkey - as he tends to hang around anyway. I would LOVE one of the hiker costumes for him (off the telly!).

Sooooo- introducing Hudson .I picked his name after one of the puppies my friends dog had recently. He used to eat and sleep and twice the size of the other 2. He has quite a waiting list of prospective adpotive mums! The downside is that he lives in Portugal!!!!

Hudsons Diaries!!!!!!!!!! DAY ONE

Hi- I'm Hudson and I understand that I am going to have a few adventures this week. I live here with Kim- and she has a scary dog that keeps trying to adopt me. I've heard that she's not that maternal (the dog that is!!!!!). I've been told that I look like the PG Tips monkey and my mum wants to make me some little hiking boots and shorts like the summer monkey on tv!

                                                     Here's my cute little face- my portrait.

Anyway - Kim escaped to Costco with her friend Vikki last night. Not only that- but they popped into the Range aswell and she bought ALL this stuff. She's supposed to be good and not buy any more crafting stuff. I have threatened to hide in the crafting cupboard to shame her into organsing and pruning it all. Apparently this is all Portobello stuff and she has plans for a few Jubilee and Olympic layouts and all this stuff was necessary!!!!!!!!!! Guy really WON'T be happy- we're supposed to be having a mass clear out of books and craft supplies and then this lot sneaked in whilst he was out!!!! So here I am pretending to be Crafting Hudson!!!!

Thursday, 14 June 2012


Face- I saw the prompt whilst I was waiting at the bus stop with Emma and because I'm not likely to have access to taking someone's photo for the rest of the day thought I'd use my phone to capture Emma. She has her 'summer hat' on- she wears a hat to hide her face when she's out. Part of her autism. We have to surgically remove the woolly hat after Easter! Just to show you her face- without the hat!

Earth tones- this is my favourite range of eye shadow. They are all earth tones- which is what I wear WHEN I use makeup!!!! They are L'Oreal- my favourite brand.

We went over to see my dad last night- as it was his birthday. He was pleased with his t-shirts and said he was going to buy a couple of new ones for his holiday. So at least I picked the right thing! He's so hard to buy for. I always used to buy him books- but he needs to use large print now. I even ordered a KOBO touch this week in the hope that he might be able to manage that. But after having tried it- I don't think his hands would be precise enough to choose the books. I let him try my kindle- but know he couldn't negotiate the on off button- and it needs switching if you leave it for a few mins. He can read the screen- but his hands are so bad now that he struggles to do most day to day things. He can't put his own shoes or socks on or negotiate buttons.  We'll keep the KOBO and get him to try it when we're on holiday. But I will add some books for Emma to use it. I hate seeing my parents ageing- part of life I know, but sad anyway.

I'm off to Costco with Vikki tonight- whilst Amy and Guy go off to swimming. Guy is going to go over and take his sister s dog for a walk. She's off work with a bad back and her husband had an operation on his hands yesterday and they are bandaged up-  so Akela needs some exercise. I offered Guy!!!!

Saw this on Anne's blog!

Your fairy is
Hazel Icewitch
She protects the vulnerable and brings justice to the wronged.
She lives in places hexed and tainted by black magic.
She can only be seen in the enchanted moment between sleep and waking.
She wears black feathers and rose petals and has icy blue butterfly wings.