Thursday, 15 March 2012

Wild- 75:365

I took a photo of this the other day- but I tried to get Holly to go for a walk earlier and she refused to go. So we needed to take something in the garden. This is a wild rose hip. I do keep trying to cut it down- but the thorns are vicious and every time I try to prune it I ended up hurting my fingers.

Yesterday she set back home after I'd thrown the ball twice. We had a spell over Christmas and New Year where she refused to go for a walk- unless we started off in the car and went somewhere a bit prettier than round here. It's caused by people letting off fireworks- mostly at night but some in the day aswell. So she is terrified of going out of the garden.We only have one car- so we had to throw the ball in the garden a lot. I've been building her walks back up again- but the last few days she's been 'wimpy' again. I really don't know whether she's picking up the nerve vibes off me and thinks we need to stay close to home. Anyway today- just after she refused to go we had a FED EX delivery that I thought I'd arranged for tomorrow!!!! So maybe she's psychic! The parcel was full of meat- diced, minced and chicken, pork, lamb etc. I thought I'd try to get a whole months worth of food planned this month. I had used this company years ago- but thought I'd give it another try! Anyway- Holly was dancing down the path following her nose. The smell was driving her WILD! She had to poke her nose in the box. Everything was sealed - so no problem with her having a look! Then she gave me such a look. We try to feed her dry biscuits all of the time- but she would much rather eat tinned dog food or fresh meat. So this was a bit of torture for her!

We went to see my sister last night- and she was only brought back up to the ward at 6 following a morning surgery, and she was still very groggy. I think she must be someone who doesn't tolerate the anaesthetic very well. It really worried my mum- and I was a bit late arriving anyway- so she'd gone in on her own. She had a bit of a grey pallor- so I hope she's pinked up again today. We don't know what they were able to do yet- and thought she should be the first to know.

This morning she was still very groggy- but the nurse said she'd smiled when she told her that her mum had rung. I'm going again tomorrow- as today is booked! My mum hasn't slept for a week- so I am hoping that she looks a lot brighter tonight.

The tivo box was fitted yesterday and we've got 6 months free Spotify- which is a music thing. So this morning I've had a few albums on that I wanted to listen to- Christina Perry and Rebecca Ferguson. I might work my way through the top 100 on their list. Listened to another that I could only manage a couple of songs!


  1. Hope you get some good news about your sister.sending you all some hugs

    1. Thank you Michelle. I'm really hoping she looks better today for my mum's sake more than anything.

  2. Hope that your sister starts improving, hugs to you as you care for your mum as well. Your dogs eyes look so sorrowful, how do they manage it?

  3. Everybody is different regarding anaesthetics. I react very badly and can be groggy for days, though it's not life threatening at all. It's just a bit frightening for my family but they got used to it. I am sure your sister will be fine and I hope you all can get some rest now. xx

    Lol at Holly. The girls are also always interested at anything edible entering the house and they would like me to think that they are going to collapse on the spot if they don't get a piece of it !

    As of Beyond chocolate it hardly has anything to do with chocolate itself, but have a look here

  4. Well done psychic dog. :)

  5. Sorry about your Sister (((hugs))) missed your blog for a couple of days so need to read back. Tried Sporify free but never understood it, but thn not a music downloaded :(

    Love hearing about your psychic dog going 'wild' LOL!!

  6. Trying to catch up on all the blogs; best wishes for your sister's recovery. I love Spotify, only have the free version but there is so much choice and always something new to discover.