Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Shapes in nature 73:365

Most of the pictures around the house are sea/beach related. We've had this one ages and it shows the natural shapes that can be found around the coast. I used to have a dish with shells in the same room along with little shelves with starfish on. I love shells. It's a bit of a cheat- so I also had a look for some real life shapes in nature!

It's a bit wet and miserable out there- but had a quick dash around the garden and also couldn't resist taking HOlly's paw which was sticking up in the air whilst she's asleep! She doesn't like the rain- so she's busy recharging until the sun comes out. I found ivy leaves which I think are so pretty, rosehips which really need to come out when the garden is pruned, the daffodil and a pretty little yellow flower at the back of the garden that has survived longer than the others!


  1. lol at Holly !
    My girls hate the rain too and prefer cuddling home than getting wet. When the sun goes out they are all bouncy. Strange that they react as humans !

  2. I also love seashells. I find it very hard not to collect them when we're not with the children.

    I wondwered for a while what the plant was from the centre of the collage of your garden. Great pictures

  3. I am yet to find a starfish and looked and looked for a sand dollar on holiday a few years ago but alas never found one:(

    I too bounce when the sun is out, damp and miserable here today...where is this warm weather????

  4. I love shells too - so beautiful :)

  5. There are so many treasures in nature when we look aren't there? Love your photos, and so fun having the dog's paw photo.