Sunday, 18 March 2012

Hobby 78:365

My main hobby is and always has been reading. When I was small my mum's best friend unearthed boxes full of her childhood books in her mum's shed and I worked my way through those. I also devoured the latest Famous Five. My cousin had them all stacked in the bottom of her wardrobe and let me borrow them all. (I had to buy my own set when I had the girls- but they never 'got' Enid Blyton- so had to read them to myself!). I read anything and everything that comes across my path and love chick lit, murder/crime and biographies. I resisted buying a kindle for ages. I never thought I could enjoy reading off a 'vitual' page. But the kindle joined us at Christmas and a friend kindly loaded loads of books on it and I had a new addiction of downloading new free ones from Amazon. It should now keep me busy reading for about 10 years- if it lasts that long. I'm beginning to wish I'd bought the one with a bigger memory. But I thought I'd never fill it up!

I used to buy books all the time and couldn't walk past a book shop- they used to draw me in off the street and force me to breathe in the new book smell! I could always find loads I would love to take home. A trip to the supermarket would see one or two (or maybe more) of the special offers leaping into the bottom of the trolley to be met with disapproving glare from Guy when they reappeared at the checkout!

Then I rejoined the local library and have been getting my 'fix' of new books there. I must be one of the most frequent 'requesters'- they know my name there. I've also given them bags full of books to either sell or put on the shelves.

This year I've been chosen to give out some books on World Book Night and I am still deciding where to distribute them.

So the photo has my current library book pile- and the 'front page' of my kindle selections. I'm still to decide on whether I want a case for the kindle. I think I prefer reading it as it is- so it lives in a pink wetsuit type case from ...............Poundland at the moment.

I was surprised with a couple of pressies this morning- so as the kindle and my books have and probably will feature heavily I thought I'd add them today. Emma made me a 'surprise' wooden heart at College. She had let me know a few weeks ago that she was making a surprise heart- but since then has kept it secret and produced it from her school bag this morning. Amy bought me a cute teddy in a box and a key ring. Emma made me a cup of tea first thing- we were the only two up. Then Guy made scrambled egg on toast a proper pot of tea. He's the only one who uses the teapot!

We're off to see Guy's mum before she goes to cook lunch for her mum. I was planning to go and see my mum then. But she wants us to come tonight after visiting.

lol- just had to add these two photos. After we'd visited Guy's mum Guy decided to take Holly round Sutton Park. Unfortunately he hadn't said- and I didn't have a coat or walking shoes with me. So he took Holly and we all sat in the car. Emma spotted a couple of rabbits and I got out of the car and edged as close as I could and managed to take a photo or two. When Guy back I told him - and he got his camera out and adopted the Black Whale position. I just had to take a photo to show Anne!

This is my photo of the little cutie!


  1. Kim very much like you when it comes to the kindle but it is so much easier when you are going away to take one little kindle than a box of books. I love reading too and am an avid reader. I have encouraged my children to read as well as it is a very portable hobby. Enjoy your mothers day.

  2. I am a huge fan of the local library. The only problem being I always find a book too fast and so never get to browse for ages, which I really fancy doing. Sorry no a kindle is not for me.

  3. Lovely picture. I have to admit being addicted to my Kindle, I love it with a passion :) I've got over a thousand books on mine, all but four are freebies! When I first heard about them I was like 'that will never catch on, people won't read a book unless it's made of paper'!! Eating my words here. I still love 'real' books too, and spend hours in the library. Have a lovely mothers day.

  4. Ah Ah Kim. Thank you for showing me that picture. You made my day. I just love your black whale !!! The goal this morning was for DH to take a picture of the red whale "in action" but it was sooooo muddy, we had to change plan !
    Lovely presents you got. Enjoy your day !

  5. Hello Black Whale, I can see this might have caught on :)

    Love reading, I now have freebies on my iPhone, love that I can read in the dark lol. Although, I do find I have several on the go at any one time now which I don't like so much.

  6. I love the heart Emma made you. I agree with the reading nothing like a good read .
    The black whale photo is fantastic :)

  7. Yep, I'm a read anything kind of girl too. And I think it all started with Famous Five too :)

  8. I don't have a Kindle, but I do use Kindle for PC on my laptop. I was never an Enid Blyton fan, but loved Angela Brazil and Elsie J Oxenford. My main source of books as a child were boxes of Sunday School prizes bought at jumble sales!