Friday, 2 March 2012

Comfort 62:365

I've already used the thing that probably is my first port of call for comfort- a cup of tea and a good book. But I absoutely love a bubble bath. I still feel guilty if I have a bubble bath in the middle of the day- as if I should be doing housework. But it's really the only time I get a bit of peace. If I go to the bathroom Emma will dash out of her bedroom and stand outside with a running commentary or important questions that need answering. She does this if anyone phones me aswell. I tried to get an impressive photo of bubbles- but have had to go with a frame to make it stand out!

These are all the things that add to the comfort. It's the cream colour way in the bathroom this week- so my favourite shea butter and magnolia toiletries are out. I also love cosy mysteries like Agatha Raisin and she's my book of the day. I finished Me to You yesterday and loved every page of it. I also had to visit a couple of shops today to get Emma's Take a Break. She's started reading magazines avidly- and although I'd stopped buying mags cos I think they are expensive , it's nice to see Emma so engrossed in something. We tried to get it before school at our little Tescos- but the delivery van was there at the same time and I don't think they'd been unloaded.

The other photo I'd love to capture today- is Holly sunbathing in the kitchen doorway. She loves the spring sun- and if I can possibly bear it I love to leave the door open for her to bask in the sun. The only problem with trying to get a photo of her enjoying the sun- is that she thinks I want to play ball and sprints out into the garden!


  1. lol i can relate to a lot of that, bath time is rarely peaceful charlotte has to be within ear shot when ever I'm on the phone and with Dan it is TV choice.

  2. Nice bath bubbles.
    We should organize a meeting between Holly and Bubbles, they could play ball together !

  3. Technical difficulties mean that I don't have baths, just showers, but I do miss a long soak with a good book!

  4. love your goodies in the collage :) i dont have the patience for a bath and end up feeling guilty to have wasted so much water, but natty is the queen of soaks nowadays!! when she schlepps into the bathroom armed with her paraphernalia, we all make a mad last minute dash because it could be hours before that girl surfaces again.. the joys of tweens

    Cooper doesnt do the basking thing yet, the world is far too exciting to sleep the day away, but holly (trist's age old cat) doesnt do anything BUT :D