Sunday, 4 March 2012

Chair 64:365

We're off to see my niece today for her 15th Birthday celebrations. When she was smaller she had a lovely dolls house and my immediate thought this morning was that I could take one of the rooms in that. I spoke to my mum and would you believe she's put the dolls house in the loft now!!!!!!!!

So the next thought was our new table and chairs in the dining room. Guy and I had this with our Christmas money. Our original pine table had lost all but one of it's original chairs and it was beginning to look like a car boot sale reject with other mis matched chairs! The table was still going strong mind you! So I've tried to take one of the leather chairs. For years I've wanted brown leather chairs and bought the table accessories to match. Then we went for a black glass computer desk in there- so the chairs had to be black! I think you can just about see the black cat ornament- which reminds us so much of our old cat Shola. She was a Siamese/Burmese cross and the statue is her to a T.

The other thing that has been in Amy's room for years is the little remote holder chair. I risked life and limb to remove this from the shelves whilst she was still snoring away. She will probably get rid of this when she decides on her new colour scheme in there.
We've just got back from my parents- and this photo has to be included for chair. My dad absolutely loves Holly- and whenever we go there Holly makes a beeline for grandads chair. Grandad can be guaranteed to save tidbits AND find Holly's treat jar (yes she has her own there!!!!!!). So we come home with a very full but happy dog!

It was my nieces birthday today and Amy found a Hollywood Star picture online- and Kimberley wants to be a 'star' one day. She had tears in her eyes when she opened it and it's lovely to know that your present was a success!!!


  1. I love your leather chairs and the statue is very cute

  2. Lovely blog.. and our dining chairs are very similar.. make a nice change from a sea of wood.. x