Saturday, 24 March 2012

Bedtime 84:365

Emma has a room full of teddies - so I thought I'd tuck them up in bed for a photo.

My sister thought she'd be having bedtime at home tonight. The doctors told her she was being discharged. My lovely husband went to pick her up whilst I was at work (after he'd done a few hours at work himself). He had to wait over 3 hours- and then they decided they wanted to keep her an extra night after all. So he missed all of the sunshine!!!!! Hopefully we can go and get her tomorrow.

We're watching Britains Got Talent tonight- hoping I don't catch a glimpse of myself at the audition we had tickets for! We've already seen a couple of the lads we saw in group shots of the contestants.


  1. Sweet teddies. I hope your sister gets to really go home tomorrow. xx

  2. Cuties, I hope your sister gets home today!

  3. Hope your sister is coming home today.Emma has some lovely teddies