Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Dinner 88:365

We had dinner out with Guy's parents tonight at the Locanta restaurant in Birmingham. We had a groupon offer there last week and he thought his parents would enjoy it- so we took his dad for his birthday. THe waiter thought we were food critics last time we went because I was taking photos! This time he bought the chef and 'sous' chef out to see us. It was a Tapas menu- and because there were 4 of us this time we chose to try their entire range rather than 3 dishes each. I am sooooooooo full. They made some complimentary dishes for us to try aswell! They also serve Italian dishes there on HUGE plates- but the main menu is quite pricey. It's unusual for us to eat out normally- but we are making an effort to eat out once a month (twice this month).


  1. That's a good trick to try actually. Make people think you are food critic so they take excellent care of you !!! Glad you had a nice evening.

  2. Well I think that is an awesome idea to eat out regularly :)

    Love your photo, and love your blog. xx Jen

  3. Excellent photos and glad you had a good time.