Wednesday, 28 March 2012

9am 88:365

I remember reading Jo's blog or facebook update and she was ironing in the garden! So thought I'd borrow her idea today and set the ironing board up in the garden. A flock of seagulls has just flown over making a right racket. Their sound transports me straight to the coast- so I'm on the costa del Birmingham this morning!!! I know some people don't like seagulls and they can be classed as 'vermin'- but I love them. We used to feed them when we were small and I loved watching them. I know it's not advisable now because they can become aggressive and steal people's pasties!

Breakfast telly was on- so I sat down to watch the cookery section- chicken tarragon this morning. I must remember to look on their website to get the recipe because it looked really tasty.

Holly thinks I'm ready to play ball in the garden- because surely that's what gardens are for!

Looking at the garden makes me try to plan makeovers!!!!! It needs a major makeover this year. We used to do something every year- but it seemed to grin to a halt a while back. We got rid of one flower bed last year as all the shrubs had gone 'native'. I really miss the lavendar bush- and this years plan is to buy some plants and put them in large planters on a pebble bed. Wonder whether we'll get round to it!!!!!!!!!

I've just remembered something Emma said this morning that made me smile. She saw me coming out of my bedroom fully dressed- in my new coral tunic top. She said 'You look pretty mum'- which means she's noticed you've got something new on. You have to take compliments when they come in this house. Anyway I saw her downstairs and she was horrified that I still had my new top on- she thought it was my nightie!! So maybe not such a great buy after all!!!!


  1. i hate ironing!
    hope you get to plant up your garden, thats the only problem with doing boring jobs your mind wanders....and creates more jobs!

  2. lol I must try that.

  3. Ironing in the garden is half the pain, isn't it ?

  4. We need to do more work on our garden this year. Last year we concentrated on seeing what plants had survived the lodgers and removing the weeds, but this year we must move forwards.

  5. I've never thought about ironing in the garden. I must try it.