Sunday, 11 March 2012

Hiding 71:365

I woke quite early this morning and couldn't drop back to sleep again- so I got up to make a start on the dreading ironing basket. It was a beautifully bright morning- and there was a beautiful plane trail in the sky- the plane was hiding somewhere up there (judging by the trail it's coming in to land though!). I took this photo before I saw the theme for today and did take other to fit- but have decided to go with this one- as the plane is hiding in the photo.

Here's our PG tips monkey hiding behind the tv!!!!!

What would you know- look what was hiding at the bottom of my ironing basket. It's been a while since I saw an empty ironing basket. Unfortunately there is a line FULL of washing outside waiting to be folded and brought in!

This would have been a great prompt for yesterday. We have an 'energiser' game before we start work- after the sales meeting!!!! I prefer the pictionary- but yesterday it was hide and seek. I managed to win. Not hard really- as there is nowhere to hide in the front office hall- I went behind the counters and everyone else was still in the front office space!


  1. Love the plane interpretation :)

    I didn't know there was a bottom to the ironing basket lol. I bow to you that you found it :)

  2. Love the plane and adore the monkey !!!

  3. Sunday=ironing in this house as well.
    I have a monkey and he's a right little troublemaker; his mother called him PG, but he is convinced he was adopted and he is really Earl Grey...