Saturday, 17 March 2012

Music 77:365

I wanted to take a photo of Amy playing her guitar- but she wouldn't let me anywhere near her with the camera. A Saturday at home means a day off straighteners- and we couldn't possibly have a photo!!!! So Guy posed poor old Holly with the guitar! I did take a few photos- but made a mess of most of them and I'm just too tired to have another go!\

This one is her pride and joy. She's got a couple of acoustic guitars and an electric guitar (but that one isn't brilliant). She taught herself completely and can play along to most of her favourite music tracks. Her taste in music is veering MORE towards the pop side rather than really heavy rock when she started. "Supermassive black hole"- Muse has me diving for earplugs because it's the first thing she 'learnt' to play and we'd have the same refrains over and over again.

We've just had a 6 month membership to Spotify where we can listen to all sorts of albums and tracks and I've been listening to all sorts of music since we got it on Wednesday. Some artists I thought I'd love the album- I don't and others have been a nice surprise. Amy's latest cd is Ingrid Michaelson- and I admit I haven't a clue! I will listen to it at some point tomorrow.

I went to see my sister after work today. I met my mum there. Her temperature is still spiking- but she was more 'alert' today. She complained the whole time we were there about the nurses, physios, food, pain relief, lady in the next bed, etc- so we're looking on that as a good sign. She 'tolerated' us for about half an hour again and then fell asleep. She's on hourly obs- and is feeling exhausted. If she was able to have a nights sleep she might feel lots better- but hospitals aren't restful places. So we're hoping tomorrow she might manage to drink and eat a little more and get her temperature down.


  1. Glad your sister is OK. When w start complaining, it's always a good sign.
    What a fantastic photo of Holly !!!

  2. Great news about your sister :)

    Lol at that photo of her :)