Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Unusual camera angle 74:365

I haven't been able to settle at all today and put my mind to the photo. My sister was in surgery this morning - and I couldn't really concentrate. I've wanted to be near the phone. She had major surgery a couple of years ago- and this one will hopefully get rid of the side effects following that. I just hope that everything was able to be done- it depended on any damage from the previous surgery being lasting. She's out of surgery- but not yet back on the ward. The visiting is 5.45. Guy has to interview someone after work- so not sure whether he'll be able to take me- and it will take me about an hour on the bus. So I need to decide whether to start walking to the bus stop before he'll be finished interviewing! My mum wants me to go with her- as she was very poorly after the last surgery and it was quite frightening to see her. She had a collapsed lung and a high temperature. She was in quite a few weeks last time- and we're hoping she'll manage to be out after 4-10 days this time.

Anyway- I took Holly out for a walk and part of it goes right by the underneath of the M6. Holly could definately read my mood though- because after a couple of photos - she started off home!!!!!! Had to catch her up!!!!!!!!! She's not keen on photography- unless she's the model!!!

So this is the underneath of the motorway. It's right by one of the overhead signs and sometimes we see men in reflective overalls climbing down the ladders!

These were my other attempts at unusual camera angles- one of the bathroom towel, a notebook, a traffic jam on the motorway, a pylon, a bit of cross stitch embroidery, a leaflet and the postcards on the back of Amy's door.

Hopefully tomorrow my mind will be a bit more focused.


  1. I love your photos Kim. Fingers crossed for your sister and I hope you found an easy way to go to the hospital !

  2. Sending good wishes for your sister's speedy recovery. I enjoyed your selection of unusual angles.

  3. You've got some great angles there. Best wishes to your sister from me too

  4. great photos. Please let us know how your is. I do hope everything works for her.

  5. Yes, fingers crossed here as well for you.

    I love the montage of photos, looks great, I must have a go at that today, you have inspired me :)

  6. Hope your sister is recovering well. Love all your photos, but a bit worried that the M6 seems a little flimsy!

  7. ANY news on your sister?

    1. She was still groggy this morning. Mum is visiting her again tonight- so I hope she's pinked up a bit as my mum was so worried yesterday. I've only seen my sister and my mum after a surgery- and they both looked pretty groggy. So not sure how usual it is.

  8. OK reading back re your sister xxx