Friday, 30 March 2012

Humour 90:365

Friday has become magazine day for Emma- we now have to buy two. Take a Break has to wait for her to come home and we have to buy another similar type for her to read on the bus to school. As I'd seen the prompt before we left, I bought a paper to take a photo of the comic strip. I also saw these little cuties on the counter in Tescos- and they just had to come home with us. They will go with their Easter pressie and the little lamb is for me!! They made me smile.

We went to Amy's awards evening at school yesterday. For some reason the music department ALWAYS pick someone who can't sing to do a solo. The poor girl didn't hit a single note in tune. Amy made some comment, as they were rehearsing when we first took our seat- and I literally could have crawled under my seat incase her parents were sat right by us. My nan was the master at putting her foot in it- and everyone in the family calls Amy
'Little Nanny mark 2'. She has the knack of either saying the wrong thing or giving backhanded compliments.


  1. You've found some great ideas for humour. I love the cuddly toys. At the moment my minds a blank. I'll have to get my thinking cap on.

  2. Friday used to be Magazine Day when I was at school - my Mum always got a Woman's Weekly for the craft patterns I can remember. It's a lovely habit

  3. Lol to Amy's comment:)It made me smile!

  4. Amy and I if together would be declared "public ennemies" as I also have a tendency to do these kind of comments!

  5. Friday is often a magazine day for me as well. The soft toys are so lovely and Amy's story also makes me laugh.

  6. That's one link to the doggy games:

    1. Thank you Anne- would love to see if Holly can figure things out!