Friday, 23 March 2012

Clock 83:365

I love clocks- but I've already blogged about the one my grandad bought when we got married. When we first lived in this house I had clocks everywhere- the clocks changing was a major undertaking. I have no idea when or why all the clocks disappeared. I used to be really obsessional about time- and couldn't go anywhere without a watch. Now the only working clock in the house is the alarm clock. That is really old and not at all photogenic.

I suppose we always have access to the time- on pc's, mobile phones, breakfast tv. I think maybe the biggest change in the need for clocks is to do with my husband. When we first met he was consistently 45 minutes late for everything. So much so that we had a Guy time and the real time for things happening. I get stressed if we are running late- so over the years it has rubbed off on dh. We aren't usually early- but we'll turn up somewhere scraping in by the last second- but on time. Although to be fair, if we are late, it's now usually down to one daughter. She's inherited her dad's lack of 'respect' for time. She'll start getting ready when we are all sat in the car! She's the last out of the house in the morning because she can't get ready when the rest of us go out.

Anyway- these photos are of miniature clocks that I used to collect. It was an easy thing for people to buy. I've added a photo of the clock with a book just to give an idea of scale.

One thing I would really love to own is a grandfather clock.I had one once when I was about 10- white with pretty roses on it and about 12" high! My parents went all the way back to Mevagissy on holiday to get it for me. It's something I wish I still owned. Guy's grandma gave us a 30's chiming clock when she moved into a retirement village and I really love it. Unfortunately I began sleeping badly and I'd listen out every 15 minutes for it to chime- so it's had to go to live in the loft for now. I also can't sleep with a ticking clock. When we go on holiday I've been known to have to put clocks in drawers because it keeps me awake- strange for someone who does love clocks!


  1. I don't like being late , but it doesn't seem to bother Russ must be a female/male thing.

  2. Funnily enough, I stopped wearing a watch years ago but I have the time on my phone and that's good enough !

  3. Hubby always has to be early, especially for appointments, but then gets really uptight if he has to wait when he gets there!

  4. I very rarely wear a watch these days and can annoy other people by keep asking the time.

  5. I stopped wearing a watch when I had the children as it was too close to their head with the strap.. It is amazing how some family members can cut it to the closest moment yet others are always on time.. my daughter used to bemoan my lateness but now she is always late... comes with having other little people to organise as well as yourself!