Thursday, 8 March 2012

Bathtime 68:365

I've done quite a lot of bath and toiletries type photos- so wasn't sure what to take today.

I met my mum and sister in Birmingham for lunch and we ate at BHS. They have lovely bathroom displays and I saw this one on our way out. I don't usually try to take photos inside shops- but took the flash off and decided to be brave!!!!!

I bought the girls some t-shirts from Primark- as they are cheap and cheerful and doesn't matter when they go off them!

Amy text me her results- and she's devastated with some of them. She thought her biology had gone well and she got an E. I'm not sure whether that was her AS or A2- she's doing some retakes this year and some A2 next year. I think she may have to rethink uni plans-or at least what she wants to study. She did have a really bad problem with her wisdom teeth throughout the exam time which obviously didn't help. She passed citizenship which she was convinced she'd failed. I don't think they count it for uni- but will be another pass on her CV.


  1. Hugs for Amy hope she can work out what to do next.
    I was dead impressed with your photo at first glance thinking what a great bathroom you had. Must pay closer attention to what is actually in the photo!

  2. Yes, ditto here. I also thought it was your bathroom. So sorry for Amy !

  3. My bathroom would fit in there several times unfortunately!!!!!!!

    Amy is very disappointed- although apparently she was one mark off the next grade in 2 of the subjects.Se's set up a revision table to start now for the summer exams. She has got higher results- which she thinks she can still use. But not A's

  4. I also send hugs for Amy and I also thought it was your bathroom at first.

  5. I am another who thought this was your bathroom and was just getting so envious when I then read your blog LOL!!
    poor Amy life is so much harder for students these days :(