Monday, 19 March 2012

Playtime 79:365

Playtime was invented for dogs like Holly. Her soundtrack should be "Don't stop me now- I'm having such a good time'!!!!! This is her toybox- any pruning has to be done when she's out and this is a bit full!!! When we're off for a walk or if someone comes home- she has to run here and pick a toy. When we first got her- she used to put her toys back aswell!

I was going to use a photo of her playing on the walk- but she's so quick you either get a blur- or miss the photo completely. This was the best one from today!

They have display cases all along the corridors in the hospitals where they display local artists work. One of them is a lovely little dolls house- and I might try to take a photo of that tonight.

My sister was looking much better last night- and chatted to me for the whole hour. They had taken her off the morphine yesterday- and I am sure it doesn't suit her. But they don't seem to have much range between morphine and paracetomol. There are conflicting views between the consultants and the physio about whether Sue should be 'running' around. Last time the hospital had to buy in special equipment to treat the wound as she didn't heal well. This time consultant one thinks she should take it easy until she feels ready to give the wound chance to heal properly. The other consultant and the physio want her running about. After she'd been up and had a little walk yesterday she did seem much better to me. But she is agreeing with the other consultant and wants to sleep all day.


  1. Good news that your sister feels better, Kim.
    We rarely travel but when we do, the girls have more luggage than we do with their beds, favorite toys, comfort stuffed animals, food, towels when they go for a swim...
    Holly seems to be very good as the only toys we can keep here excepted the comfort ones, are the Nylabone. The girls need to chew night and day and it's the only thing that survives !

  2. I still come across the odd squeaky toy in the garden, and I have a pink squeaky hippo as a reminder of both my last lovely Max ...and my Mum...she loved it when my old man, a Reggie Perrin fan, called her "The Hippo".