Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Everyday sight 81:365

We have a key holder in the kitchen so that we always know where the keys are in the morning. So why do we often have panic stations when the keys aren't where they are supposed to be! Most of the time it's because someone else opened the door and my keys are either still in my pocket or in my handbag. My keyrings have my name on- just in case I should forget who I am! I seem to have rather a lot- and mum has just had 2 new keys for her front door that need to be added!


  1. That's quite a bunch of keys there!

  2. Didn't know you were a Kimberley - you learn something new every day!!

    1. No- I'm just a plain Kim! My niece is called Kimberley but prefers Kim. My parents were very economical with names- just 3 letters and no middle name!

  3. We do the "key hunt " most days

  4. I've taken to wearing my keys on a bootlace around my neck when I am at home; I've locked myself out far too often.

  5. We have the same problem with our bunch of keys and it's always when we are in a hurry