Saturday, 31 March 2012

Games 91:365

Every morning at work- after the sales briefing they have an 'energiser' game, as part of a 'team building' activity. This morning we played Pictionary with 2 teams. We're not allowed to take photos at work- so can't include one of that- which is a shame as the Pictionary is quite fun. So I was going to take a photo of our Pictionary game- but think it must have been one of the games that suffered from Emma's phase of 'lets see how much stuff we can cover the floor with' phase. Everything that went through that phase had to be thrown away!

So I found 2 more games in her cupboard and they look well played. Cadoo is the childrens version of Cranium which is one of my favourite board games.

We were off to Ikeas 21st birthday party at the local store last night- where there were supposed to be party games and discounted goodies to buy. We were going to buy Emma's wardrobe. About a mile after we left home our car just cut out completely. We were UNDERNEATH a section of the M6 on a huge roundabout with huge lorries whizzing past. Luckily although the power/steering had gone completely Guy managed to pull it mostly off the road. We got out and there was petrol pouring out of the bottom of the car. The things our car will do to avoid going to Ikea. We had the fuel pump changed late last year- and the fuel pipe was either not reattached correctly- or it had come loose (which shouldn't happen!). Luckily the nice RAC man got it fixed and Guy was able to drive it home. Guy's parents were eating locally and came to pick us up and the RAC said they'd call when they were 15 mins away. I was in a real panic when the car lost power and managed to annoy Guy who was probably in a big panic of his own. But luckily it happened just before we joined rush hour traffic on the M6. We could have caused a nasty accident- and I would have had an even bigger panic there!


  1. Oh Kim, how night-marish! (((hugs))) thank goodness it has had a good outcome - everyone safe!

    We have energisers at work, or at least we did until our new store manager joined. I will have to set them up again-we loved it!

    Well done for seeing the postive :) xx Jen

  2. Glad you are OK. What an experience !!!

  3. well you got your 25 seconds of fame though... the "broken down vehicle" was mentioned on brmb errrr free radio :)

    i think i would have serious fits if someone at work asked me to play games.. what is that all about??

    ours used to love cadoo, especially natty was always hoping for the playdoh card, but up here they dont want it anymore..