Monday, 5 March 2012

Arrange 65:365

mmm- some of my cookery books arranged on the bookshelf!
The photo I really wish I had for this one is of my daughters collection of cars when she was a bit younger. She had a huge tub FULL of cars. She knew exactly which cars she had and which colours. She frequently lined them up around the lounge and drove them along. It was one of those photos I always intended to take- maybe when she had her best outfit on or when she was in a 'better' mood. Her obsession that I thought was there forever faded to be replaced by something else and the only photo I have of her collection is one of the huge tub full before we rehomed all the cars!!!! We still have a couple of them- but still wish I'd lined them all around the lounge for old times sake before we got rid of them!

These are not really 'arranged' - as these new little vases are a perfect snug fit for a bunch of daffodils. You can guarantee that when we go to see my mum in 'daffodil season' that there will be a bunch of them in a bucket in her porch waiting to go home with us. I love a cheap and cheerful bunch of flowers on my kitchen windowledge- even though these ones are having to share with the Christmas poinsettia still.


  1. Mums know best, lol. Never came across these books !

  2. I still have my poinsetta sharing with some daffs too from our garden :)

  3. As a former librarian, I find that shelf of books very appealing :)

  4. Love daffodils as well, they are such friendly looking flowers.