Sunday, 25 March 2012

9pm 85:365

This was what was going on at 9pm tonight. I am really looking forward to watching Titanic- so I've used a collage from the first few scenes on tv!

We've had a lovely day. Best of all we collected my sister this morning and dropped her at my parents house to start her convalescence. She was very bright and chirpy, too. My dad was disappointed not to see Holly in the car. But as Guy had to wait 3 hours in the car- we didn't want to leave her in the car whilst we got Sue. It's something when your dad is looking past you for the dog!

We got back and it was still beautiful sunshine- so we took Holly for a walk around the water park. She's a real water baby- so it's her favourite place for a walk. Most of the other dogs were ambling along- and our mad one was leaping into the water at every opportunity and trying to drag felled trees into the water for us to throw. People were laughing at her trying to manouvere the tree.


  1. I saw that you had also used Titanic as your 9pm! Didn't think much of it, so don't think I'll be watching any more episodes.

  2. I thought it was strange- but it's had such great write ups I'll have to watch the others!

  3. great news about your sister.

  4. Very happy for your sister !