Thursday, 24 May 2012


The manager had taken some marshmallows in today for the 'treat corner'! I'd bought everyone cookies- so there was a lovely elevenses today! I'm not allowed to have a phone on me at work- let alone a camera, so when I got home the cotton wool balls sprang to mind!
I'm confusing everyone at work- because I'm normally in at weekends- so they are thinking that the week has flown by. I had a lovely day at work today- all the customers were pleasant because of the sun!!!!!!!


When we were doing the bathroom we lived in Ikea. They had some little glass vases and a range of different colour flowers. I bought one in all the colours to change each time I change the towels! I have a lovely bright yellow one (not this one!) and I am still trying to find a bright yellow bath mat- for yellow week!!!!! I can't do something sensible and buy things in colours I already  I saw some lovely shower gel in a bright yellow- that will probably be gone before yellow week matches. I have to use a white bath mat!!!!!!!  I've seen one in Marks that has pom poms in different colours - which would be ideal for lots of different weeks- but I'm too stingy to pay over 20 pound for it!

Emma's guide was back today- although she still looks poorly- so I felt like I had loads of free time. I had enough time to get home, eat lunch and sit in the garden with my kindle for 40 mins.

I am reading Accident by Linwood Barclay and trying to race the kindle battery to finish it. It keeps yelling at me telling me to charge it- but I want to find out what happens before it gets the cable!!!!!! One downside to a kindle! Mine doesn't last anywhere near as long as they suggest- but then I use it for longer that 30 mins a day too! (Usually!).


  1. lovely photos, the cotton wool balls look great. Hope you get to the end of your book before the charge, lol

  2. Lovely cotton balls !
    I love Ikea too, you can change designs in your hosue so quickly and cheaply.
    Rhea needs to go to the Vet tomorrow for a blood test :-(. Will know more later. Thanks for asking.

  3. Love the idea of a treat corner. Although I can't complain work at the moment seems to be one long stretch of cake for birthdays.

  4. I love the soft cotton balls and the idea of changing colours in the bathroom