Friday, 18 May 2012


A nice easy prompt today. We've bought a bit of colour for the garden and it's starting to look a bit prettier. I had to include this little chap for flower- don't tell him he's a weed, he's doing his best!!!!!! I think they are quite cute - especially when they turn into dandelion clocks! I actually did a study in A level Biology on symbiotic plants- using dandelions in the experiment. I don't think my results proved any major scientific breakthrough mind you. The teacher was impressed with the way the lettuce think he might be cultivating dandelions now!!!!!! This little chap is destined to say bye bye when the next major weeding session takes place!

Here's a few of the other 'real' flowers in the garden.

I think the internet is a fantastic thing- it puts you in touch with people you've never met and in most cases probably never likely to meet. Fate is also a wonderful thing. When I woke up yesterday I hadn't really given the subject of flamingo's much of a second thought!!!!!! I was shopping and found a pair of shorts which are really pretty and for an animal/bird obsessed girl- perfect. They have a small flamingo print on them. I looked around for a flamingo tshirt without success. I posted here and on facebook and had some lovely replies and offers to look around. One lady sent me to a link for a band website that had flamingo t shirts- and I would have bought a mans size if they'd had a small in stock.

This morning I bought Emma's Take a Break magazine- and the fashion pages have a section saying 'Everyone is wearing Flamingo's'- how weird is that! There were at least 2 options on there that I liked!

Then someone messaged me on Facebook with a link to Dorothy Perkins Flamingo t shirt and gave me a 20% discount code. Not only that- but yesterday we looked in there as mum had a voucher for her birthday and she couldn't see anything she liked. She gave me the voucher to pass on to one of the girls. So I got 20% off and the voucher- it ended up costing me 4 pound! So Emma has her beach outfit sorted.

We had a bad evening- with Amy getting extremely stressed about her AS Chemistry exam, her chances of now getting into Uni and about finding any sort of job without a degree. I think the upshot is that she is going to have to give up Chemistry.
Again- I got some wonderful advice online when I was in a whirl round of panic- knowing what to say to Amy for the best.
I rang the school this morning and arranged for the Chemistry Head to speak to Amy and to the Head of Year. They have been very helpful- suggesting options for another A level , a BTEC or nightschool and reaaranging a school timetable to give her free time. They did give an option that I hadn't thought about- which was IT. We weren't impressed with the course when we looked at her options- but being as though she will need an extra A level- it's something she could pick up I'm sure. It also gives her another avenue through Uni.

The Chemistry teacher is staying behind with her tonight to go through the exam questions she's struggling with and her friend has offered to come over tomorrow to do the same. I think realising that it's time to let Chemistry go- will also be a good thing. The Head said that we have to get her to take one exam at a time and not stress (!!!). So- fingers crossed for Amy that everything goes well and when this lot of exams is over- the school will look at next years timetable and see what is an option for her.


  1. That flower is a burst of sunshine today - and it sounds like you could do with it! You have all my sympathy over the Chemistry. The AS stress is pretty high here too - it's miserable isn't it? Hope it all works out well :)

  2. well done on tracking down a flamingo tshirt- there are some wonderful very helpful people out there, what a coincident to find them in a magazine too- its all fate! lovely flowers too, although not sure about the dandellions, lol

  3. yep, Internet is soooo cool. Poor Amy, I used to be so stressed by exams too. xx

  4. The internet is the best thing ever since fire and chocolate. I love that you found the flamingo :)

    Great shot and well done on including the dandelion, what a great flower.

  5. I'm so glad you found the Flamingo T shirt for Emma. My sympathy to Amy over AS Chemistry. It's a difficult time for her.

  6. Ahhh my JB has chosen Graphics and Photography with long exam leadtimes so only has two short sharp exams In English & Business .. quite a nice change after Zac's Maths & Physics.. urghh.
    Wish her well and how small the world is with the net finding your tee-shirt eh?