Monday, 28 May 2012


The garden spade is waiting for someone to have enough energy to dig out a new bed down the entire length of the garden. It's been so hot that no one is that keen on making a start. To be honest it will be easier when we next have a downpour and the soil is easier to turn. That's our excuse at the moment. It's still really hot outside at 6.37pm. The little boys next door have been splashing in their pool- and it always sounds so tempting. Our dog loves jumping into the smallest bit of water- and we bought her- her own paddling pool. But she acted like she thought we were trying to drown her- so that wasn't a great success!!!!

We had Emma's school report today- they have never been really over the top with praise before. But this one is her best one ever. She has mainly A's and B's for all the points in each subject. She is selective mute outside the house- so she has C's for asking for help/advice. But I could have burst with pride reading this one. It said she'd had a really good year and was improving on staying on track. Lots of positive remarks. It's amazing what the right teacher can do with her. Unfortunately (for Emma - not for her- sure she's absolutely delighted) she's going off on maternity leave- so Em will have to get used to another teacher. Apparently she will say goodbye to this teacher now. That probably sounds like nothing- but it is a HUGE achievement for Emma.

Yesterday- I almost wished that Emma was selective mute at her grandma's house. She announced LOUDLY that she preferred my mum to grandma- who we were visiting for her birthday! That nanny spoilt her and grandma didn't. Ever wished that the ground could swallow you up and transport you away from a situation!!!!!!


  1. lol sorry but ems blutness still makes me chuckle :D just think.. we got two of them, but cj is by far the worst culprit. we have to be VERY careful what we say, as he will go straight up to fil and repeat verbatim what weve said.

    Love your shovel picture :) weve got one somewhere in the shed dont think its ever been put to use though.. do you want to borrow cooper? hell have your entire garden dug over in no time.. but thats probably not the result youre looking for. he burst his paddling pool earlier when he tried to drag it into the house to "show me"... sigh

  2. Fantastic news for Emma. Well done ! xx
    The shovel picture really looks very nice.
    The girls each have their own paddling pool and they love it !

  3. Children LOL!! Out of the mouths of babes......

    Well done Emma to have a lovely report to make Mum so proud. Let's hope she settles with the new teacher before the end of term, change is difficult for anyone!
    And I agree you need some rain to use that spade!

  4. well done for the spade, yes its too hot and dry for digging :)

  5. I certainly wouldn't use that spade til it rains - too much like hard work.

    Well done to Emma on a great report

  6. Well done Emma, great news.

    Yes, put the spade away, it will just watch you accusingly from there!