Tuesday, 22 May 2012


It's not a very restful time around here. Amy is extremely stressed about her AS levels this week. Biology- one of her stronger subjects didn't go well on Monday and she has the major stress factor tomorrow- her Chemistry. The school have been very helpful with her- and hopefully it will be a learning tool for her- that parents 'do' actually know what they are talking about when they say it's probably time you started your revision!!!!!!!

On Thursday she was extremely upset- so we popped out to Boots to get some herbal stuff to try and help her have a relaxed and restful night. It seems to work. She only took the night time stuff to try and help her sleep on Thursday. Taking the pressure off about getting grades for Uni has also reduced the stress levels.

She doesn't think it's a good idea to look for a job between June and September this year!!!!!!  Even though this summer she should have finished her exams and be starting Uni if things had gone according to her plans.

I'm only on day 2 of my 6 day working week and already thinking that I could never do my job full time again. I don't know what else I'm qualified for! I had a phone call at 7 this morning to say that Emma's travel guide was off sick- which meant that rather than dropping Emma locally with the guide at 8ish- I had to take her all the way into school and then back into the city to work. I'd never caught a bus from there- so wasn't really sure where the stop was! I was in a part of town I've never been before!!!! We had a few 'characters' in today- made one of the girls cry and another smashed one of the screens in the banking hall- so not a very restful day. Nothing as strange as folk as they say. I was a bit late leaving- as I had to answer the phone when I should have been walking out of the door! I had to catch a couple of buses to collect Emma- and one took forever to arrive. I was in a panic that I wouldn't get there in time!

She's off again tomorrow- so I'll be late again.


  1. I'm so sorry it's such a stressful time. I hated exam time so much, adrenaline going the whole time. (((hugs)))

  2. Well the word wasn't for you today. I hope it will calm down a bit and good luck to Emma. xxx

  3. what a day you had, hope today is better.

  4. Wow, rescue remedy - what a blast from the past. Hope it worked for your DD and hope your hard working week goes well.

  5. Sounds as if she isn't the only one needing the Rescue remedy (which I think is brilliant stuff!)

  6. aww kim it sounds like youre having a nightmare at the minute! Wont Ems school keep her indoors until you get there? i couldnt imagine doing the school run by bus, trist has taken them in the past on the bus, but id be totally lost and probably end up in glasgow or london.. well done for juggling it all. Rescue remedy is my friend, glad it worked on amy!