Saturday, 5 May 2012


Holly has a 'rough' coat. Her head and ears are lovely and silky to stroke- but she has a wiry type coat with an eiderdown undercoat!! This is her 'football' face- which isn't quite as bad as her 'rugby' face- where her ears go right back when dh is adding to the commentary. He's USUALLY a bit calmer when he's watching football. But Holly finds it boring because he's not paying her attention. So she's just popped out to chat to the little dogs next door through the fence. That actually entails them yapping at her- and her issuing a really deep 'woof' trying to convince them that she's a fully grown German Shepherd whilst her tail is wagging against the patio window!

I've also taken a catch up photo today. I thought I had 'bright' to catch up- but think I may have made that word up. So I'm using the bull for 'symbollic'.

He's wearing his 'summer' coat to symbolise the Jubilee and spotlight on Britain during the Olympic year.

"Welcome to Bullring's Bostin British Summer. This summer we're putting the spotlight back on Birmingham...The Bull has got a Bostin British Summer outfit, and you’ll find a range of Jubilee-inspired products in the shops along with everything you need for your summer wardrobe"

He had a winter jumper at Christmas!!!!

He was placed there when the new Bullring shopping centre was opened. They regularly involve him in the celebrations and he has his photograph taken with loads of tourists!


  1. Hope Holly and DH enjoyed the footie.

    1. lol- Holly definately didn't- it's a waste of good walking time.

  2. Holly is lovely. The bulls not bad either.

  3. Ha ha Football face and Rugby face for Holly ? You'll have to explain me that in details.