Wednesday, 30 May 2012


The cupboards are a bit bare at the moment and I saw the prompt after I've had my daily walk past Tescos! I could have treated myself to some nice goodies all in the name of this challenge!!!! So I've decided to take a photo of the Jubilee assorted things that have made it home after Guy's last shop. I asked him to get me something Jubilee/bunting wise if he could-as I'd left it too late!

He found some fabric bunting- and even called the manager over because he thought the price must be wrong! They'd sold all the cheaper stuff to people more organised than us. He knows how obsessed with tins I am - and he got me a PG monkey tin and a Lovehearts tin. Even the bread was Jubilee!!!!!!

We were thinking of having a family party at some time over the weekend- just to mark it in some way. I haven't checked the events going on in Birmingham yet- but there are 4 days of celebrations!

I did a spot of people watching again at the bus stop today. The 'residents' have moved into summer plumage.

Cagoule lady has a fetching waterproof in Cream and Pink.
The 88 ladies were down to single lady today- so no problem getting past on the pavement. I think it's the missing lady who is the slower one anyway!!!!
Asimov man is in summer plumage too- crimplene trousers have given way to cotton- and a slogan t shirt. He also has a new book by George Martin. It's funny how I guessed what it was before I almost cricked my neck checking I was right!!!!!!
The glamour model was in summer finery too- and causing lots of men to veer towards the kerb watching her walk along. She is a very pretty blonde girl and always looks immaculate- and is obviously a draw for the male drivers today!

On my way home I saw a very cute little tot trotting along in her school summer dress. I was just thinking how sweet she looked when she let out a torrent of abuse at her brother- with some very 'grown up' language!!!!!!! She was only about 4!


  1. sounds like an entertaining morning all ready. Love the photo of all the jubilee groceries.

  2. I love your description of the Bus people. You should write a book on them and certainly try to sneak a picture.
    It's going to be very british in your house ! xx

  3. Such a great photo.

    Love the update on the bus folk. Keep 'em coming :)