Saturday, 12 May 2012


This was a really tough one for me. Very few photos of me survive the editing process. This is the latest photo taken of me (not a self portrait) that was posted on MY facebook wall by someone else. So it's out there via a 'friend'! I am suffering with a head cold today- and as hardly any photos of me exist- there are going to be even less of me with a head cold! So afraid I'm cheating today.Hope it still counts Anne!!!! It was taken in Southport.

I've got a Saturday off work- and I had a cold last time I had a Saturday off. I think it's time for me to start taking some vitamin C.

I'm hoping to go and get some red, white and blue plants today- to show willing for the jubilee. We have 2 huge planters still to plant up. One is waiting for a lavendar bush and the other one will eventually have a camelia in it- but think I'll use it for the bedding plants until later in the season. Guy is officiating at a gala again tonight. At one point he was at the swimming club practically every spare minute with my daughter and coaching. Since she gave up competitive swimming, we see more of him, but they have been short of help recently - and he doesn't usually need to be asked twice.

The secon chance Olympic tickets go on sale this weekend. He would LOVE to see one of the swimming sessions. I think they are released on Monday. But even if he gets tickets- it would be smack in the middle of our holidays!

I have just ordered myself a new phone- mainly so that I will have internet access to check this challenge on holiday. How's that for dedication!!!!! I was expecting it to be delivered yesterday- but no sign yet. I hate waiting in for parcels- especially one with a 7am-9pm delivery slot!


  1. Hi Kim, so nice to meet you eventually !!!!
    I hope you get your phone soon and good luck for your Olympic tickets. We didn't try getting some here, we thought we watch on TV !
    I hardly can stand alcohol so when I have a cold, I go to bed and drink some hot water with rum and lemon. It's fantastic. I need to go to bed first because last time I drank it in the living room, it acted so fast that DH had to more or less carry me upstairs into bed. xx

  2. Hello Kim so this is you:) I think it is a very nice photo.

    We didn't try for any tickets either and prefer to watch the Olympics on TV too!

    Try echinacea tabs with Vit C hope you feel better soon xxx

  3. lovely to see a photo of you, i dont like my photo been taken either so a tough challenge this time.
    Hope you feel better soon and your phone arrives- that is dedication, lol

  4. Ah it's lovely :) Good luck with the Olympic tickets! We tried for tickets in the first round but were unlucky ... then hubby got all huffy and said he wasn't going to try again.

  5. What a lovely photograph. Nice to see you and so in fact meet you. I hope you get better soon - it's quite typical to get ill on a free day or at the beginning of a holiday. I also did lots of planting this morning. I'm sure your telephone will arrive soon but it is hard to wait. It gives me an idea - perhaps I need a new phone as well. I know that otherwise I will simply have to disappear from the challenge at the end of July.

  6. I think that I will be disappearing for a while as well. My phone is totally ancient but I hardly ever use it so can't really justify replacing it. Good luck with the tickets it would be great if you got them seeing as how Guy is such a fan.
    Great to see you.