Tuesday, 8 May 2012


I tried to get some photos of the rose bushes in the garden- which are the only things that are prickly- but the thorns look very underwhelming!!!!!! I then thought of a hedgehog. I wish I'd been at mum's today- as she has hedgehog ornaments in the garden and a shoe cleaner hedgehog. Holly has a hedgehog toy- but couldn't find that today. So the only hedgehog I could find was in one corner of one of Emma's animal books! I do have some Country Companions stamps- but I couldn't find those either!

We do often get hedgehogs in the garden- but haven't seen him for a while.

This is the best thorn photo- with one of the garden meerkats underneath it! I took advantage of the lovely weather to plant some colour into the garden today. It's the garden recycling day tomorrow- so lots of weeding bags ready for them aswell.

We didn't have a great start to the 'working' week. Emma was coughing all night- so she needs a couple of days off school to see if she can battle through it. We had a text from Amy's school to say that due to flooding and no heating - the school was closed today. She managed to spend the day revising for her chemistry A level.

Guy had a bad earache all weekend and had to try and get IN to see a doctor. He turned up in person to make an appointment. He's got some spray to use for a week, then drops for a week, then he's got to go back .

The car was broken into- he's not sure whether they actually stole anything. The glove box was emptied over the floor. Luckily his sat nav was in the house. Think all the cables were in the car- so they may have gone. He thinks that after we got back last night and had to empty the car of the shopping he may have forgotten to lock it- as they hadn't smashed the window. We did have a spate where there was a lot of vehicle crime here- hoping this is an isolated incident.


  1. what a day, hope tomorrow is better...love the meerkat!

  2. What a day, poor you. Great photos ! x